A Thank You to Time Inc. Books

Okay, so it would be a lie if I said I don’t review books for a reward. Because, I do. My reward is getting the copy of the book. In most cases, especially with kids books, it’s an e-copy of the book. I’m fine with that. Any reading material I can get my hands on for myself and my daughter I will happily take. I have a tendency, also, to review non-fiction kids books. As you might recall, I love to read and review educational kids books and so does my child.

I’ll be honest: I read and review them as much for my pleasure as for hers.  Somewhere along the line, in the transition from kid lit to adult lit, we lose the ‘fun’ in hobby educational reading. Everything becomes staid and boring, even though there are tons of cool facts, animals, people, etc, out there. Its like “Oh, well, you’re an adult. You must read only things written seriously.” No. Not true. Not true at all! I mean college text books and stuff, yeah, I expect those to be serious. But why the transition from cool facts, amazing pictures and such to boring encyclopedia type things? So yeah, kids books are fun and educational, and I have no problem with admitting I love to read them.

Anyways, a while back now, I started reviewing for Time Inc. Books on Netgalley. I eagerly awaited the new titles each month, and promptly downloaded and reviewed them. I’d post my review, tag Time on Twitter, and go on about my business. After all, kids books only get 1 day a week of spotlighting on my site. So, after I reviewed one of their latest books, I was quite surprised and pleased when the company reached out to me and said they wanted to thank me for all my enjoyable reviews of their work, and could they please send me something?

I was expecting a copy of the latest book, maybe a few magazines, etc. Of course I said yes!  A few days went by, and I came home to two large, ridiculously heavy boxes on my front porch. Of course I went all magpie, dragging them into the house and slicing the lid open so I could get at the goodies contained therein.

Y’all… there’s a reason why I’m writing this public thank you and acknowledgement. Look and see.

Time Inc. Books Gift

I know they’re a large company, and that these books really are just a drop in the bucket…but I’m incredibly thankful. It was a hugely generous gift to someone who reviews just a couple of their books a month. They sent me copies of every single book I’ve reviewed for them in electronic format, and several more to boot!

I arranged them all for the picture you see above, and then left them there. My daughter was soon home from school. So I wanted to see her reaction. I wish I would have recorded it. As soon as her eyes fell upon the books, her mouth dropped open and she yelled “HOLY —-!!” and then there was a descent into unintelligible squealing, some minor booty wiggling and general revelry.  Of course, immediately after that, she plopped down in front of the books and picked up one of the cookbooks. ………Yep, she went for a cookbook. All those awesome children’s books laying right there………and she went for the cookbook. Typical. (Though shortly thereafter we were curled up on the couch reading the Strange, Unusual, Gross, and Cool Animals book, so she redeemed herself.)

Anyways, yeah…

I don’t run a big site. I don’t devote all my time specifically to children’s books. I have nothing that makes me worthy of attention or gifts of thanks. They didn’t have to send me anything. They could have easily just sent me one or two books. Instead, they made our family’s entire month. (Yes, they made our month, we’re a house of bookworms!)

They are officially good bookish people, y’all. Good. bookish. people.

Thank you, Time Inc. Books. 

Do any of the books in the picture look interesting? If the name is in blue below, click on it to be directed to my review for that particular title.

Animal Atlas

Strange, Unusual, Gross, and Cool Animals

Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia

Awesome America

Discovery Bugopedia ** Review coming soon

Discovery Spaceopedia

Animal Bites: Farm Animals

Animal Bites: Wild Animals

Animal Bites: Ocean Animals

Animal Bites: Polar Animals

Descendants Yearbook

Dinosaurs! ** Review coming soon

Sharks! ** Review coming Soon

Kids Almanac 2017

Dory’s Adventure

Presidents of the United States






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4 Responses to A Thank You to Time Inc. Books

  1. That is awesome! I didn’t know this company was on netgalley I might have to check them out. I love reviewing factual kids books because I actually learn a lot of stuff myself. I love the National Geographic books along with Smithsonian books. I agree they make adult books to boring and I learn a lot off of kids books. 🙂 Enjoy your cool haul! 🙂

  2. A really nice gesture. I would have been over the moon when I was a child (and now)

  3. Wow, that was really generous of them! What a fabulous surprise.

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