4 Sci-Fi Books for Little Readers (That You Might Have Missed)

Just a few science fiction books for ages 3-5 that you might have missed when looking for books for your little reader. These books were buried underneath piles of others, but looked like they were worth a little bit more attention. And no, they’re not Star Wars themed.

4 Sci-Fi Books for Little Readers (That You Might Have Missed)


Balloon Blast book Balloon Blast (Rusty Rivets) by Mickie Matheis

ISBN13: 9781524716721

For ages: 2-5

Rusty Rivets and his robot friends are on an inventing adventure! When Rusty’s friend Liam accidentally launches a giant helium balloon, Rusty and Ruby must find a way to bring him down before a storm hits. Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book based on an exciting episode of Nickelodeon’s Rusty Rivets!

Meet Rusty, a ten-year-old designer and do-it-yourselfer who solves problems using ingenuity and wild, innovative inventions. With his best friend, Ruby, his robotic pet, Botasaur, and their mechanical helpers, the Bits, Rusty helps to foster kids’ interest in innovation, creativity, and the Maker Movement.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Everyone remembers Little Golden Books, don’t they? I was honestly surprised to see they were still being produced (I don’t know why this surprised me.) But here’s one for the little inventors in your house. 


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Book cover for Earth Children Are Weird

The X Files: Earth Children Are Weird by Kim Smith, Chris Carter

ISBN13: 9781594749797

For Ages: 3-7

One the most beloved TV shows of all time is now a sweet, silly, sci-fi bedtime story! In The X Files: Earth Children Are Weird, best pals Dana (Scully) and Fox (Mulder) have pitched a tent in the backyard for a sleepover. But the night is full of strange sounds, lights, and shadows. Surely there’s a rational, scientific explanation for everything . . . or is there? With beautiful illustrations of pint-sized Dana and Fox, this humorous and not-scary-at-all story will introduce the cult TV show to an entire new generation of fans.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


I wasn’t really a fan of The X Files. (I didn’t dislike it, I just never got into it.) However, when I saw this when looking at the Barnes and Noble site, I knew I had to shout it out to my readers because I’m sure there’s some huge fans amongst you. Now you can introduce your kids!


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Book cover for The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet by Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, and Garry Parsons

ISBN13: 9781849418089

For ages: 3-5

Danny and Dinosaur are back, and this time they are going to space!

But when Danny realises he’s forgotten Dino’s lunch box, the very hungry dinosaur eats everything in sight, including their only way home: the rocket!

How will Dino get them back home?

There’s poop, planets and pandemonium in this supersonic space adventure!

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It looks cute and funny. I saw Dinosaur, Poop, and Planet and immediately thought of my kiddo, even though she’s a bit too old for the book. 

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Book cover for mad scientist academy the space disaster

Mad Scientist Academy: The Space Disaster by Matthew McElligott

ISBN13: 9780553523829

For Ages: 3-7

Fans of Ada Twist, Scientist, will want to join Dr. Cosmic’s class of clever monsters as they tackle gravity, comets, and many moons in the third book of the Mad Scientist Academy series. 

When Dr. Cosmic’s class meets Commander Nova, the school astronomer, they know their next lesson will be out of this world!

With the help of Dr. Cosmic’s latest invention–a planetarium–the class must complete four challenges. Each time the planetarium shifts and the atmosphere changes, the students find themselves floating from planet to planet. They put their new magnetic antigravity belts and trusted handbooks to the test to figure out where in the solar system Dr. Cosmic’s invention has “sent” them–and how to land safely back on Earth.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

I liked Ada Twist, Scientist, and I like learning and teaching about the planets and space in general. So, when I saw this one I was instantly intrigued.


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