3 for 3-to-5: Sci-Fi & Scary Books for Young Readers #6

Featuring: There are Monsters in My Room by Michael Yu, Show and Tell on Planet Zlorp by Kristine Fielding, and The Grizzly Thing by Nick E. Woods

3 for the 3-to-5 is where I give brief reviews of three books that I found in the 3-to-5 age range on Amazon. These books are theoretically in the science fiction and horror genres for little kids. (Although obviously for little readers ‘horror’ basically just means including ghosts and ghoulies.)

3 for 3 to 5 #6

Book cover for There Are Monsters in My RoomThere Are Monsters in My Room by Michael Yu: It’s time to turn off the lights and say, “Goodnight,” but young Norah isn’t afraid of the dark. In fact, she’s perfectly ready for any goblin or ghoul that wants to try and scare her! Indeed, all those monsters are sure to be afraid of all the tricky traps and trapsy tricks Norah has in store for them in this wonderfully fun, bedtime story.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Review: Well, it’s impeccably illustrated with lots of bright shiny colors and a vaguely-creepy-because-she’s-so-perfect-looking little girl as the main character. A lot of the traps the little girl sets are ones that you can actually see a 5 1/2 year old coming up with. It’s written in verse that flows easily off the tongue. The font is small, but contrasts well with the colors so it’s easy to see. It never really charmed me, but I can’t deny it’s well made.

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Show and Tell on Planet Zlorp Show and Tell on Planet Zlorp by Kristine Fielding: Would you visit strange planets and meet dangerous creatures just to find something for Show and Tell? If you would, then you are like Gorbie. Gorbie lives on Planet Zlorp. Tomorrow is his last Show and Tell. It is his last chance to wow his classmates with something awesome. Unable to find the right thing for Show and Tell on his planet, Gorbie zooms off for an exotic galaxy in his GLX-7 spaceship. Will Gorbie find the perfect prize to take to school? Will he make it home safely? Will his last Show and Tell be the best ever? Join Gorbie on his adventure to find out!

Rating: 3 out of 5

Review: I’m not sure why the book cover shows “Show and Tell on Planet *B*lorp and the book is titled differently. That is one of those things that sends a red flag up almost immediately for “Contents probably not that great.” However, I decided to give it a chance. Show and Tell on Planet Zlorp was okay. It’s not a book that is given to easy reading out loud with your child as the aliens speak in “>>–]]” type symbols. However, it is nice on one hand because young readers have to figure out what was was said from the context it was used in.

Overall, it’s okay, but left me feeling ‘meh’ about it. Not sure I’d recommend it, but it’s not terrible.

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Book cover for The Grizzly Thing

The Grizzly Thing by Nick E. Woods: Have you ever seen something in the distance but did not know what it was? As it closes in, the fear of the unknown builds, and the imagination runs wild. Just as you realize there is no escaping, you discover the scary thing is not at all what it seems. The child’s imagination in this story, combined with the fear of the unknown, creates a scary, yet comical, scenario of mistaken identity. The amusing tale is revealed in the picture book,

Rating: 3 out of 5

Review: I have mixed feelings about The Grizzly Thing. On one hand, the illustrations are decent and the verse is nice. On the other, it’s got some rather large words for a kid’s picture book and actually could be a little scary for tiny readers. Obviously the scariness gets abolished in the end, but sensitive kids might be put off.  I’d say approach with caution.


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I didn’t really care for any of the ones I read this week, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be There Are Monsters in My Room. I like the fact that the little girl makes a decision on her own to confront her fears and builds traps.


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