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2020 Science Fiction Novel Reviews

This list is only for reviews published in 2020. For a list of all other reviews (by year) click here.

If you are looking for science fiction graphic novel reviewsclick here.

Starred Reviews

1Q84 – Haruki Murakami (Olly)

Afterland – Lauren Beukes (Olly)

Aliens: Phalanx – Scott Sigler (Olly)

Alpha Bots – Ava Lock (Lilyn)

Alpha Omega – Nicholas Bowling (Olly)

Binti: The Night Masquerade – Nnedi Okorafor (Nico)

Bloom – Kenneth Oppel (Lilyn)

Brown Girl in the Ring – Nalo Hopkinson (Olly)

Chilling Effect – Valerie Valdes (Lilyn)

Crosshairs – Catherine Hernandez

Double Barrel Horror III – Anthology (Gracie)

First Sister, The – Linden Lewis (Nico)

Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind, The – Jackson Ford (Olly) 

Great American Deception, The – Scott Stein (Nico)

Hexis – Charlene Elsby (Tracy)

Leave the World Behind – Ruuman Alam (Olly)

Loop, The – Jeremy Robinson (Tracy)

Marrow Thieves, The – Cherie Demaline (Eliza)

One, The – James Marrs (Sam)

Phlebotomist, The – Chris Panatier

Phoenix: Dark Messiah – David Alexander (Olly)

Random Shit Flying Through the Air – Jackson Ford (Olly)

So You Had to Build a Time Machine – Jason Offutt (Bill)

Sound of Stars, The – Alechia Dow (Eliza)

Special – Chino Chakanga (Nico)

Tinderbox, The: Soldier of Indira – Lou Diamond Phillips (Eliza)

Trafalgar – Angélica Gorodischer (Olly)

Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick – David Wong (Olly)

Unstarred Reviews

8th Emotion, The – Joshua Spiller (Michael)

Belle Vue – C.S. Alleyne (Gracie)

City Below the Cloud, The – TS Galindo (Michael)

Ctrl + S – Andy Briggs (Olly)

Day I Killed God, The – Nick Totem (Bill)

Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire – G.M. Nair

Echo Wife, The – Sarah Gailey (Nico)

Gladiatrix of the Galaxy – Tristan Vick (Sian)

Hybrids, Vol 1 – Jennie Dorny (Lilyn)

Intergalactic Interloper, The – Delas Heras (Nico)

Maze Runner, The – James Dashner (Olly)

Night Train – David Quantick (Olly)

Nucleation – Jennifer Unger (Nico)

On a Red Station, Drifting – Aliette de Bodard (Olly)

Oware Mosaic – Nzondi (Olly)

Qualityland – Marc-Uwe Kling (Sian)

Space Between Worlds, The – Micaiah Johnson (Olly)

Stonefish – Scott R. Jones (Nico)

Subcutis – Harper J. Cole (Sian)

Tales from the Pirate’s Cove – Anthology (Lilyn)

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