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Month: September 2019

An Army of Skin by Morgan K. Tanner #BookReview

After losing his mother to a brain tumour, Trevor King feels totally alone in the world. Someone needs to pay for her death and Dr…

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“Growing up an Aussie Horror Fanatic” by Yolanda Sfetsos

Firstly, I’d like to thank Lilyn for having me over today so I can share some of my thoughts about being a horror fan and…

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Soon by Lois Murphy #BookReview

On winter solstice, the birds disappeared, and the mist arrived.The inhabitants of Nebulah quickly learn not to venture out after dark. But it is hard…


Ration by Cody T Luff #BookReview

Cynthia and Imeld have always lived in the Apartments. A world where every calorie is rationed and the girls who live there are forced to…

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Focus on the Frightful: Call of Cthulhu #GameReview

Developed by seasoned studio Cyanide, Call of Cthulhu is an RPG-Investigation game with psychological horror and stealth mechanics, set in a deeply immersive world. On…

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Down A Dark Hall #MovieReview

A troubled teen named Kit Gordy is forced to join the exclusive Blackwood Boarding School, just to find herself trapped by dark forces around its…

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Lesath by A.M. Kherbash #BookReview

Locked in his dark cell, Greg lay awake in bed, fidgeting with the small cassette recorder, pressing the rewind and stop buttons to listen to…


Things I Learned from the Slush Pile by Author McAuthorFace

The best things are always written by someone going by “Anonymous” aren’t they? Very happy to post this for everyone today! -LG Recently I started…


Exponential by Adam Cesare #BookReview

Five strangers drawn together at a roadside bar on the outskirts of Las Vegas. One rampaging monster, escaped from a secret facility, absorbing victims and…

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