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Month: August 2019

Sci-Fi Biweekly Bulletin: Nekrotronic, Black Spire, etc.

From spaceships to alternate history, and other worlds to nanites, science fiction is a fascinating genre of rather amazing depth that many talented writers happily…


By The Feet Of Men by Grant Price #BookReview

The world’s population has been decimated by the Change, a chain reaction of events triggered by global warming. In Europe, governments have fallen, cities have…

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Focus on the Frightful: Mary Shelley and Frankenstein

Full disclosure. I have never read Frankenstein all of the way through. I have tried a few times but have never gotten maybe a chapter…


The Possession of Hannah Grace #MovieReview

When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent…

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The Fearing: Water & Wind by John F.D. Taff #BookReview

John F.D. Taff’s epic apocalypse of terror, The Fearing, continues in Book Two: Water & Wind when a group of battle-worn seniors pick up the pieces of their…

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Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff #BookReview

Remember your just-in-cases. Beware tall buildings. Always have your knives. Raised in isolation by her mother and Maeve on a small island off the coast…


The Kali Krew Presents: Back to School!

Let’s go back to school, Sci-Fi and Scary style. When you’re a kid you always partially dread going back to school and are always partially…

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Easy Money: Deadly Reality TV Series Book One #BookReview

What would you do to earn ‘Easy Money’?There’s a new reality TV game show that pays contestants to hurt themselves. How much pain would you…

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