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2019 Cover Love Shout-Outs

Lifting up horror and science fiction authors is the heart of Sci Fi and Scary. We devour the words and either rant or rave accordingly. Last year, we started giving some shout outs to artists who create covers that truly affect the reading experience before the book is ever opened. Let’s be honest, stories are important, and we all have stacks of books to read. Which book do you pick up first? The one with a rockstar cover. Here are our team members’ favorite covers from their 2019 reads.

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Lilyn’s Top Cover Picks

Ghostland – Written by Duncan Ralston, Cover Art by Dean Samed

The vibrant colors and the old house set against the amusement park background arrest the eye and won’t let it go. I had heard great things about this book before buying it, but it was the cover that made me go Oh, My God! I need!


Dean’s website doesn’t appear to be working / his at the moment, but you can check out a profile with some of his work here

Check out Lilyn’s review of Ghostland here!

Grind Your Bones to Dust – Written by Nicholas Day, Cover Art by Daniele Serra

You probably already know from our first cover artists post that we absolutely love Daniele Serra’s work. He has probably the most distinctive style we’ve seen in genre book covers. It is always dark, moody, and engaging. This cover perfectly fits this book as well.

Grind Your Bones to Dust

You can check out more of Daniele’s work at

Check out Lilyn’s review of Grind Your Bones to Dust here!

Gracie’s Top Cover Picks

Hollow Heart – Written by Ben Eads, Cover Art by Ben Baldwin

There is nothing about this cover that doesn’t work well. It’s gruesome and strange and beautiful. It makes you need to read this book just to see why the artist went so wonderfully weird with it.

Hollow Heart

Check out more of Ben’s work here at

You can find Gracie’s review of Hollow Heart here!

Ibitsu – Written by and Art by Haruto Ryu

Sometimes I like the stark black and white with a bit of colour. It can be very appealing and eye-catching

Ibitsu manga cover

You can find more of Haruto Ryo’s work at

Check out Gracie’s review of Ibitsu here!

The Isle – Written By John C. Foster, Cover Art by Sabercore Art

This is just such a cool and unique image. It also made me wonder how on Earth lobster crucifying would be happening. It has such detail and it really makes you wonder what might lie beneath these waters…and between the covers of this book.

The Isle

You can find other works by Sabercore Art at

Check out Gracie’s review of The Isle here!

Muse – Written by James Renner, Cover Art by Elderlemon Design

I’m a sucker (pun intended) for tentacles and who can resist a tiny tentacle coming out of a mysterious box? The greens against the blacks make it really stand out.

Muse book cover

You can find other works by Elderlemon Design at

Check out Bill’s review of Muse here!

Tracy’s Top Cover Picks

Rites of Extinction – Written by Matt Serafini, Cover Art by Scott Cole

Cole has delivered several great covers, but this one for Matt Serafini’s book is not only striking in its use of color, it does an amazing job of fitting the content of the book

Rites of Extinction

You can find more of Scott Cole’s work at

Check out Tracy’s review of Rites of Exinction here!

The Same Deep Water As You – Written by Chad Lutzke, Cover Art by Zach McCain

While this may look like just another pretty cover, the Ophelia-like vibes of the woman hint at the darkness that is found within .

Same Deep Water As You

You can find more of Zach McCain’s art at

Check out Tracy’s review of Same Deep Water as You here!

The Fearing series – Written by John F.D. Taff, Cover Art by Sabercore Art

Sabercore is back again and for good reason! If you check out their website you will see some fantastic art!

You can find more work by Sabercore at

Check out Sam’s review of The Fearing: Fire and Rain and The Fearing: Water and Wind!

The Saturday Night Ghost Club – Written by Craig Davidson, Cover Art by

The Saturday Night Ghost Club cover has a very nostalgic feel to it that really captures that eighties ghost adventure stories essence. Like it could be an old favourite you run across in a box of childhood books.

Saturday Night Ghost Club

You can find more of Five Seventeen’s work at

Check out Sam’s review of The Saturday Night Ghost Club here

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We hope to continue to show support to cover artists so keep checking our info section and we will bring you as many as we can!

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  1. Olga Nunez Miret

    A great mix of scary and beautiful.

    • Aren’t they, though?

  2. Bob

    Ibitsu is very cool (like you say, the splash of color makes it pop), and The Saturday Night Ghost Club definitely looks like a tattered old library book, but The Isle has to be my favorite cover here.

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