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Month: October 2017

Twilight Zone Tuesday – Nick of Time

Nick of Time Don Carter – William Shatner Pat Carter – Patricia Breslin Counterman – Guy Wilkerson Desperate Man – Walter Reed Desperate Woman –…

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A Special Slate of Spooky Spectral Reads

How perfect is it that Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year? Beyond the fact that it means no little monsters prowling our streets on…


The Frighteners #MovieReview

 The Frighteners Synopsis: After a tragic car accident kills his wife, a man discovers he can communicate with the dead to con people. However, when a…


Bad Movie Mayhem: Anaconda 3: The Offspring

J.B. Rockwell, author of Serengeti (loved it!), Dark and Stars (loved it, too!), and Hecate (haven’t read it yet), sacrifices brain cells for Sci-Fi &…


These Are a Few of My Scariest Things by Kat Mayor

Kat Mayor, who wrote the lovely The Spirit Chaser, along with it’s follow-up Melancholy Ghost, has written for the site in the past for Halloween.…


Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh #BookReview

Title: Spirit Hunters | Series: Spirit Hunters #1 | Author: Ellen Oh  | Publisher: Harper Collins | Pub. Date: 2017-7-25 | Pages: 288 | ISBN13: 9780062430083…

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Horrors – A Full Year of Horror #42

Horrors! 365 Scary Stories – A Full Year of Horror 10/21/2017 – 10/27/2017 The horror short-short isn’t easy to master, but more than 100 of…


This is Sci-Fi, Issue 22: Thor Ragnarok, Infinite Stars

This is Sci-Fi, Issue 22 is a sampling of science fiction news across the mediums. From movies to books, to real life, and any bits…


Ghosts of Manor House – Matt Powers #BookReview

Title: Ghosts of Manor House | Author: Matt Powers | Publisher: Powers Publishing | Pub. Date: 09/06/2017 | Pages: 186 | ISBN13: 9781548462741 | Genre: Psychological Horror…

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Feed by Mira Grant #BookReview

Title: Feed | Series: Newsflesh #1 | Author: Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) | Publisher: Orbit | Pub. Date: 2010-5-1 | Pages: 599 | ISBN13: 9780316081054 |…

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