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The 2017 Horror Reading Challenge Halfway Point Check In!

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I (Lilyn) am doing much better with my horror reading challenge than I am with my sci-fi ones! (That makes me kind of sad because I was looking forward to kicking butt on the sci-fi challenges!

So, we’ve reached the halfway point on the 2017 Horror Reading Challenge. What this means is I’m going to give you a chance to play catchup! If there were books you forgot to list that you’ve read, you can list them now alongside your June reads!

Feel free to linkup to the page you’re monitoring all your book challenges on (or, alternately, I believe you can leave a link to each individual review once they’ve been posted on your site.) in the comments below. If the linky tool isn’t working, just enter everything in a comment.

Lilyn read: Seed, Fungoid, The Devil’s Colony , Deadman: Dark Mansions , Cavern of the Damned, Grave Robbers,  Meddling Kids

Gracie read: Wicked Witches, Minstrel’s Bargain #1

How are you doing so far this year?

Neophyte Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeNervous Neophytes: You signed up to read up to 7 books.

You should have read 3 (and a half) by now. If you haven’t, there’s still time to catch up!

If you haven’t, what has kept you from doing it? If you’re having trouble finding books you think you’ll like in the horror genre, just hit me up @scifiandscary or Gracie @areyouscaredyet on Twitter for some suggestions. We read a lot of different horror, so we’ll surely be able to point you at something!




Initiate Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeIntrepid Initiates: You signed up to read 8-15 books.

At a minimum, you should have read 4. If you’re aiming for 15, you should have read 7(and a half).

How’s it going? Are you finding books you like to read easily enough? Have any of you zoomed waaaaaaaaaaay past the 15 book mark yet?




Oracle Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeOmniscient Oracles: You’ve signed up to read 20-25 books.

At a minimum, you should have read 10  by now.

How’s that working out for you? Have you discovered any new favorites yet? Did you go back and re-read an old goodie?




Make your entries here!

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  1. I signed up for Initiate level, and I have finished 9 horror books so far.

    • Great going, Darlene! You’re going to blow it out of the water, I think 🙂 What’s been your favorite?

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