2017 Horror Reading Challenge April Link-Up

It’s time for our 4th monthly update for the 2017 Horror Reading Challenge currently being hosted by Sci-Fi & Scary.

At the bottom of this list will be a linky.  Feel free to linkup to the page you’re monitoring all your book challenges on (or, alternately, I believe you can leave a link to each individual review once they’ve been posted on your site.) in the comments below. (My linkytoolz thing is proving unreliable, and I will be looking for a different one to use.)

How we’re doing:

GracieKat13 has read: Whispering Corridors by Ambrose Ibsen, Witch City: Cardinal by Tim Morgan, The Hobbsburg Horror by Thomas S. Flowers, Embers by Kenneth W. Cain (19 total)

Favorite:  The Longest Con is tied with Devil’s Glen for my favorites of the month. The Longest Con had a hilarious take on the various conventions (cons) and Devil’s Glen was full of creepy goodness with an interesting plot.

Lilyn has read: Kill Switch (Joe Ledger #8), Monsters in Our Wake by J.H. Moncrieff, Whispering Corridors by Ambrose Ibsen, The Extinction Parade, Vol 1 by Max Brooks, Just Add Water by Hunter Shea (18 total)

Favorite: Kill Switch. No doubt about it. While most of the horror books I read were solid, Kill Switch was “OMG, This is AWESOME!” good. Joe Ledger + the Lovecraft Mythos? Yes, please and thank you!

How was your April Horror Madness?

Neophyte Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeNervous Neophytes: You signed up to read up to 7 books. How’s it going? Have you read your 2nd book yet? How’s it going? Are you enjoying reading horror?




Initiate Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeIntrepid Initiates: You signed up to read 8-15 books. I hope you’ve read at least 4-7 by now.  What’s been the best book you’ve read thus far?




Oracle Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeOmniscient Oracles: You’ve signed up to read 16-25 books. You should have read 8-12 by now. Has there been one you HATED yet?





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  1. I read three horror books in April. Of the three, The Hatching was my favourite! I’m up to six horror books finished in 2017.

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