2017 Horror Reading Challenge January Linkup

It’s time for our 1st monthly update for the 2017 Horror Reading Challenge currently being hosted by Sci-Fi & Scary.

At the bottom of this list will be a linky.  Feel free to linkup to the page you’re monitoring all your book challenges on (or, alternately, I believe you can leave a link to each individual review once they’ve been posted on your site.) Link will stay open for submissions until February 4th.

**note: The 2017 Sci-Fi Reading Challenge January Linkup will be posted at 6:30 PM EST**

How we’re doing:

GracieKat13 has read: Highwayman, Crowshine, My Daddy, The Serial Killer,  Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes, Wrathbone

Favorite: “I loved Crowshine. There was a good variety of stories, all of them very well-written. A few of them moved me emotionally, and a few made me stop and think for a while. The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner was very Lovecraft creepy. So, all in all, lots of good to say about it.”

Lilyn has read: Wrathbone, The Devil’s Prayer, AraratTransmission

Favorite: “Ararat gets my vote for favorite horror read so far. I loved the premise, Christopher Golden is a talented writer, and there was definitely a sense of evil permeating the book. But I still wish the ending had been better.”

How YOU Doin’ for the 2017 Horror Reading Challenge?

Neophyte Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeNervous Neophytes: You signed up to read up to 7 books. How’s it going? Have you read your 1st book yet? What did you think of it or what are you going to read?




Initiate Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeIntrepid Initiates: You signed up to read 8-15 books. I hope you’ve read at least 1 by now.  If you haven’t what are you planning on reading?




Oracle Badge for The 2017 Horror Reading ChallengeOmniscient Oracles: You’ve signed up to read 16-25 books. You should have read 2 or 3 by now. Has there been one that’s made you shudder yet?



10 thoughts on “2017 Horror Reading Challenge January Linkup

  1. I read The Winter People (Jennifer McMahon), Nightfall (Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski), and The Case Against Satan (Ray Russell). The former and latter of these were definitely superior, with my favorite probably being The Case Against Satan, but only by a little bit. Quick read and an intriguing progenitor of stories like The Exorcist. A little tame to modern sensibilities but, as the book’s introduction suggests, it’s more about uncovering the truth about a girl’s posession than it is about a climactic battle between good and evil. With regards to The Winter People, it’s (appropriately) a nice winter read and the creepiest of the bunch. I sped right through it.

  2. I read one book for the challenge so far: Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. It was a bit of a disappointment! Hopefully, my next horror read will be better!

      1. The writing was beautiful, but it just didn’t grab me. It felt long and drawn out and boring. I didn’t particularly care for Victor Frankenstein, I actually LIKED the monster. You can read more about it in my review 🙂

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