You Only Get One Shot #BookReview

Title: You Only Get One Shot | Author: Kevin J. Kennedy and J.C. Michael | Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform | Pub. Date: 07/06/2017 | ISBN13: 9781548671518 | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Light torture, child death (unrelated) | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Received from the author for review consideration

You Only Get One Shot

What would you do if someone demanded you write the best story of your life, to be judged online? That your life depended on it. Four well-known authors receive an email telling them they are responsible for a suicide. Their antagonist makes it clear she is out for revenge and they have no option but to comply. Their task is to post the best story they can imagine online and await judgement. Filled with guilt, anxiety, and even a few murderous tendencies, each writer weaves their tale and hopes for the best. It’ll be the competition of their lives. Who’s story will win? Will anyone survive?

You Only Get One Shot Review

I love the cover for You Only Get One Shot. Even though none of the writers use a typewriter it’s far more creepy looking than a picture of a computer monitor would have been. The title is nice and clear and the author’s names don’t take up an abnormally large space.

Horror movie anthologies generally have a unifying wrap-around story that the smaller stories fit into. You don’t see this very often with anthology novels. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This is one of the cases where it works. It’s an interesting premise. Write a story like your life depends on it. Literally. Using this type of wrap-around has it’s advantages as the authors are able to weave four very different stories together without it being jarring or uneven. The pages before give you a bit of an idea of what to expect as they give a description of the ‘author’ doing the story.

In You Only Get One Shot four different authors are tasked to write their best story by 8:00 P.M. that evening and post it online where the mysterious villain will see it and judge. This task is in retaliation for their slighting of a budding author, someone close to the ‘villain’ of the piece. It’s an interesting idea because it puts you in place of the ‘villain’, trying to judge them as you read. Although, really, liking a story is a matter of taste so it’s a kind of arbitrary. But hey, they’re psychotic so I guess they can judge however they like. So let’s see how the stories stack up. 


Fiona’s Story: The Wrong Girl

Kidnappers in the slave trade kidnap a little girl. But when she says her daddy will get them, she means it. And it’s not just her daddy they have to worry about.

There wasn’t much suspense to it but it was fun trying to guess exactly which creature the author would go for. And I will fully admit that I was wrong about what it was. And pleasantly surprised.


Diane’s Story: Rezerection

A man and his wife are expecting their first child which should be a joyful event. But when you work for the government playing with genetics, well, something’s bound to go wrong.

This is a very good story with a title that made me giggle. Sorry, did I mention I’m immature? The only thing that seemed a little odd is the author it was paired with. I kind of got the feeling that it was written to be one of the male authors’ stories but changed their mind at the last minute. It’s not so much that it’s paired with a woman author but the way they describe the author doesn’t seem to mesh well with the story. For instance, Fiona is described as being a much more ‘casual’ type of person so I would have believed the story with her a little more easily. It doesn’t ruin the story, however.


Drexl’s Story: Feral

A loner with a ‘scientific’ bent is trying to create his own feral children.

A good story. Although, in my opinion, the weakest of the lot. The writing is good, I just fond it a little dry. However, the writing itself is good and someone might like it better than I did.


Simon’s Story: The Summoned

There’s a killer out there. He’s out for blood and they will pay it.

I really liked this story. It took a few turns that I wasn’t expecting. And I don’t want to say much more.

All in all You Only Get One Shot was a very enjoyable read. I would have liked to give it the full five skulls but the wrap-up of the main story fell apart a bit. I liked it up until a point and I liked the way it was heading but then it took a left turn that I didn’t expect and I really didn’t like. I dunno. If any of you read it let me know what you think. I’m curious to know what you guys thought of it. Quite honestly I was hoping that

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Oh well. I guess you can’t have everything.