You Need to Read This: “Kindred: A Book I Wish Never Read”

I know slavery is a horrible, awful mind-boggling stupid thing. I know that because I’m a decent human being. I don’t see how anyone ever thought it was an okay thing. I hate it when people are talking about something and are like “Well, you have to understand what things were like at that time.” No, I don’t have to understand what it was like at that time. Thinking “Hey, lookit, I can own this person” is just a shitty thing.   That’s like saying I have to respect someone’s beliefs. Nope, sorry, I don’t have to respect your beliefs.  I have to acknowledge that you have them, and (as long as they’re not hurting anybody) acknowledge your right to believe what you want, but I don’t have to respect them.

I also know that I can’t even begin to comprehend what it must be like to be African American even in today’s world. To know that it wasn’t that long ago – in the grand scheme of things – when people with my skin color were considered barely human. That we, as a whole, were treated like livestock. To sell, or trade, to breed, to screw, to kill, but not to ever be anything worthwhile. To have to fight for the ability to be treated like a white person. To know that whilst that’s no longer the case (even though some idjits with bad hair would like it to be), it’s still a part of my history that cannot be denied. I just can’t understand it, no matter how much I’d like to think I could at least kind of see it.

I’m white. I know what it’s like to be considered white redneck trash. But even white redneck trash can’t begin to comprehend the turbulent history that comes along with being black.

So, when I see a post like the one I’m sharing below, I had to pass it on. Because if she is this strongly affected by this book, even after a statement like

“I did not think much of his warning fooling myself into thinking that once I’ve read one book about slavery I’d read them all.” – Jedi Writes regarding Kindred


…then it has to be powerful, and painful, and a testament to the power that words can have on the human soul.

Click on the cover below to read Jedi Writes review of Kindred by Octavia Butler (on her blog).




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