Year Zero Review (Science Fiction Comedy)

Year Zero

Year Zero Synopsis: Low-level entertainment lawyer Nick Carter thinks it’s a prank, not an alien encounter, when a redheaded mullah and a curvaceous nun show up at his office. But Frampton and Carly are highly advanced (if bumbling) extraterrestrials. And boy, do they have news.
The entire cosmos, they tell him, has been hopelessly hooked on humanity’s music ever since “Year Zero” (1977 to us), when American pop songs first reached alien ears. This addiction has driven a vast intergalactic society to commit the biggest copyright violation since the Big Bang. The resulting fines and penalties have bankrupted the whole universe. We humans suddenly own everything—and the aliens are not amused. – From the Goodreads Synopsis



Year Zero Review

Its flippin’ hilarious. If you need a laugh, read this book. If you can appreciate the absurd, read this book.. I read the first three chapters of Year Zero whilst in the library, and can promise you I outright cackled with embarrassing loudness three times. There were innumerable quiet snickers. If you’re in the mood for something solemn, sexy, romantic, or scary… run far, far away from this book.5 Star Rated Year Zero Review

So, in case you can’t tell: This was a fantastic book! I only have positive things to say about it, but a few high points will follow.

1.) If you loved Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you will love Year Zero.

2.) If you have an oddball sense of humor, you will love Year Zero.

3.) If you are a 90’s child who like(s) the Backstreet Boys, there is one scene in here that will have you cackling like one of the demented hyenas from the Lion King. If you’re from an older generation, there are still nods to notable names you’ll recognize.

4.) If you know anything about modern/pop culture at all, you will laugh at this book.

Year Zero takes an issue that has, quite frankly, been built up to epic proportions, and examines it in a way that leaves you giggling (and, yes, thinking about it).

At one point, whilst reading it, I ended up daring a few of my friends to use a few of the insults that are sprinkled throughout the pages. *cough* Moscow w**** in a Tolkein Novel *cough*

This would be the perfect book for almost anyone (providing they don’t have a literary/snobbish chip on their shoulder). I believe if you’re looking for a fun modern book to introduce an adult to the pleasures of reading, this would be it.

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Title: Year Zero | Author: Rob Reid(Site)| Publisher: Del Rey (Site)|Publication Date: 2012-7-10 | Pages: 364 | ISBN:0345534417 | Genre:Science Fiction &Comedy| Language: English | Rating:5 out of 5 | Triggers: None |Date Read: 2015-8-7 | Source: Library

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    1. I hope you like it! I actually avoided the book for quite a while, thinking “eh, its about music theft. Can’t be that interesting.” But literally within minutes of reading it, I was berating myself for not picking it up sooner!

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