The White Night Review (The Graveyard #2)

The White Night ReviewThe White Night Synopsis:

Yes, you should be afraid of the dark…

A mighty demon sits at the right hand of Satan, and he knows paranormal investigator Ford Atticus Ford by name. Mike Long, too, but what the vile creature covets most lies with little Chelsea Hopper.

As Ford wrestles with the uncertain nature of his future, a different kind of evil storms into his world, proving that not all demons are inhuman. Her name is Lauren Coeburn, a television host wearing designer heels and a two-faced smile. Trailing in her wake is one of the most elusive and terrifying paranormal entities in existence—the black-eyed children.

Meanwhile, Mike’s life is slowly crumbling. A panicked, early morning phone call from a haunted angel brings new hope, but it’s costly, and Mike may just learn what it’s like to be on the other side of judgment’s gavel.

Then there’s Chelsea. Dear, dear Chelsea…and the black dread lurking inside her dreams.  – Goodreads Synopsis


The White Night Review

In a rare move for me, shortly after reading The Dark Man – first book in The Graveyard Series – I plunged into the sequel.  It wasn’t that the first book was that great, to be honest. It was more a combination of it was interesting enough and the second book was already available on Kindle Unlimited.

Ford Atticus Ford and his partner, Mike Long, are back. This time Doane splits his time between the two characters in stories that run parallel to each other. I wasn’t really a fan of the parallel stories, to be honest.  I think that’s more because I just don’t like Mike Long much than anything, though. In the first book it becomes swiftly clear that even though Ford is the one that screwed up, Long is the one that is a screw up. He’s self-righteous and self-pitying, and desperate enough to compromise his morals just for some cash to keep up his standard of living. Basically, he’s flat-out annoying.

Ford’s story is interesting, though. The idea of the black-eyed children (Wiki link) is creepy as all beat out. I figured out pretty quickly what was happening, but it didn’t detract much from my enjoyment of the story. I don’t think the author tried too hard to make it unseeable, either. It was one of those deals where it’s obvious to the reader, and the tension comes from waiting for the character to figure it out. When he finally did clue in to what was happening, I was very much yelling mentally “How did you not see that?!” at him.

Again, the book is character driven, and this time we get to spend brief snatches of time with Chelsea Hopper. Its swiftly clear that something is much more wrong than anybody suspected. Overall the tone is a bit darker, and the action is a bit more intense. While I’d hesitate to call it a great read, it is a solidly entertaining one. Both books are available on Amazon, and are included in your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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Title: The White Night | Series: The Graveyard: Classified Paranormal | Author: Desmond Doane | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2015-8-20 | Pages: 380 | ISBN13: 9781516988358 | Genre: Paranormal & Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-7-14 | Source: Kindle Unlimited |

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