What’s Up in Horror: 8/26/2016


Welcome to our first run of What’s Up in Horror. This will be a bi-monthly sampling of horror news across the mediums. From movies, to books, to real life, and any bits in between that I can think to list. I have no doubt the format will change as I figure out what works and what doesn’t. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what has happened these last two weeks, but it should whet your appetite!

Movie Tidbits

In Theatres

Don’t Breathe Directed by Fede Alvarez, this horror/thriller about a group of friends who make the mistake of thinking an old blind man is the perfect person to rob has gathered some positive attention. I plan on waiting until it hits Red Box, personally. I hope I’m wrong, but nothing about this movie screams “Oh, My Pasta! I must watch!”

Coming Soon:

Morgan – The summary for this one from IMDB states: “A corporate risk-management consultant has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an artificial being’s life that was made in a laboratory environment.” I watched the trailer. No major stars, the genetically engineered female just looks like she has thick makeup caked on her face to change her complexion, and it’s a run of the mill plot. No urge to see this. At all. But take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.


Before I Wake – I’m super excited to see this, if it actually gets released when it says it will. It’s been pushed back and screwed with more than a few times already. This couple adopts this kid whose dreams become real.  I just read the Lathe of Heaven, and while I know this isn’t going to be anywhere near the same level, it’s still something I’m eager to explore.

When the Bough Breaks is a horror drama about a surrogate mother who gets obsessed with the baby’s daddy. It’s got some decent actors in it, and yay for a horror that centers around a diverse group! ….but I’ve no interest in seeing this one either. Not my type of horror.

Horror Books

NY Times Best Sellers – Nada. But that’s kind of to be expected. If it ain’t King, they ain’t interested.

USA Today Best Sellers (1-20) – An almost-kind of-not really but maybe if you look hard enough whilst drunk book is on the list. I’m talking, of course, about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. (C’mon, I didn’t want to just say “nada” again.)

Amazon’s Kindle Horror Best Selling Section is topped by Finders Keepers, Mr. Mercedes (books 2 and 1 of a trilogy, respectively) by Stephen King and The City of Mirrors (book 3 in The Passage Trilogy) by Justin Cronin.

Interesting Articles

Dread Central has a pretty interesting little article on seven horror movie remakes featuring cameos from the original stars.

Deadline has an article on A Smart Computer helping to craft a horror film. (I’m not sure what I think of this, but I’m curious to see what happens.)

Notables on Famous People in Sci-Fi:

I got nuttin’, sorry.




5 thoughts on “What’s Up in Horror: 8/26/2016

  1. Nice feature. I do actually want to see Don’t Breathe. They are promoting the heck out of Morgan over the weekend and it doesn’t look like anything I would enjoy. We don’t go to the theater that much and stream mostly so I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on seeing Don’t Breathe anyway.

  2. I have seen trailers or heard something about all but Morgan so I checked out the trailer. They all look pretty cool but nothing I would run to the theater to see. Morgan looked like your run of the mill science screwed up and now something crazy is running around…lol. 🙂

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