What’s Happening in 2016 at Scifi and Scary Book Reviews

Hard to believe this blog has been open for just over 4 months!

Since  I opened it on Aug 19, I’ve done little things here and there as I worked on refining the site, and bringing it to my vision of what it should be. Some things I knew I’d be changing, some things I had no clue.

So here’s some stuff you should expect to see in 2016. Some things are new, some things are not.

Cool-thulu is getting an update!


is going to be replaced with

Don’t those look so much neater?  5/4/3/2/1 …all are getting an overhaul of a similar look. Took me 2  hours to figure out how to make! I’m darned proud of myself!

A Slight Genre Acceptance Change

Sorry, Indie Authors, but effective January 1, 2016, 12:01 a.m., I will no longer be accepting any FANTASY submissions for review. Its not fair to you guys or to me, honestly. I’m so, so picky with fantasy that I end up disliking or being “Meh” about almost everything I read, and it seems like I get a lot of fantasy submissions. It got to the point where I was wincing every time I opened a review request, thinking “Please don’t let this be another fantasy request!”

Now, as I’m pretty much always a month or so ahead in terms of reviews that I have scheduled to role out, you guys will, up through February, I believe, continue to see a few fantasy book reviews for indie authors from me. Those are just ones that I’d accepted prior to Jan 1, and I’m honoring my reviewing commitment with them.

** I still will be occasionally reviewing the fantasy genre, but these will be My Choice Reviews, not independent submissions.**

Amazon Associate

This was effective 12/19/15, and I do have it on the sidebar of my blog, and did also do a post about it, but stating it again for the record..

I’m now an Amazon Associate. That means that all my links will either be to Goodreads or to Amazon. I will no longer be linking a “Where to Buy” to Barnes and Noble at the bottom of my posts. I’m slowly going through and updating all of them, but in 4 months I’ve done over 200 book reviews, so you have to give me some time.

Does me becoming an Amazon Associate change anything in practicality for you guys? No. It doesn’t. There’s only 2 things that are now different. 1.) As stated, no link to Barnes and Noble at the bottom of my reviews and 2.) If you do choose to buy one of the books after reading a review from me, and you click on the link at the bottom of the review to do (it doesn’t auto purchase or anything like that, just takes you to the Amazon page for that book), I may (terms and conditions may apply! Haha) earn a small commission. It doesn’t increase the price of the books for you or anything like that.

So, officially: Scifi and Scary Book Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to http://www.amazon.com.

Other Items of Note

I may, if I can figure out how, separate out the books I reviewed in 2015, and start fresh lists in 2016. Still thinking on that, and trying to decide if its something I actually want to do.

I may do a test run of doing 2 Kids Corner days a week. If I choose to do this, the added day will be on Tuesdays, and it will be only Kids Book Reviews or stuff pertaining to Kid Literacy.

My reading goal for 2016 will be 250 books.

Does anyone have any suggestions of things they’d like to see me do? Or other additions to the site that may be beneficial? Let me know below, please!

Hope everyone has a great year in 2016!




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