What turns a 4 into a 5?

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This is something I’ve been debating with a couple people all day. What makes a 4 star book into a 5 star book? Do you have certain criteria?

For me its fairly simple, but at the same time absurdly hard to quantify.

If I like it enough that I have trouble picking at anything I didn’t like about it, its a 4* but it has to have something special to turn into one that deserves my highest rating of 5*.  I have to want to RAVE about it. To tell everyone how awesome it is. To … shove it under people’s noses.

But when I’m asked what exactly that is that makes it special, I just stare at people blankly. How in the world do I describe it? Its just something a book has.  Its either special…or not.

A 4 star book is still a great book, right? Its just not a FANTASTIC book.

So…what makes a4CthulhuRating rating leap to a 5CthulhuRating for you?

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5 Responses to What turns a 4 into a 5?

  1. For me, and my friends can confirm this, when I get into my squeaky voice and funny noises they know I’m talking about a 5*. There’s just something about it that can’t fit into words.

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