What turns a 4 into a 5?

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This is something I’ve been debating with a couple people all day. What makes a 4 star book into a 5 star book? Do you have certain criteria?

For me its fairly simple, but at the same time absurdly hard to quantify.

If I like it enough that I have trouble picking at anything I didn’t like about it, its a 4* but it has to have something special to turn into one that deserves my highest rating of 5*.  I have to want to RAVE about it. To tell everyone how awesome it is. To … shove it under people’s noses.

But when I’m asked what exactly that is that makes it special, I just stare at people blankly. How in the world do I describe it? Its just something a book has.  Its either special…or not.

A 4 star book is still a great book, right? Its just not a FANTASTIC book.

So…what makes a4CthulhuRating rating leap to a 5CthulhuRating for you?

5 thoughts on “What turns a 4 into a 5?

  1. For me, and my friends can confirm this, when I get into my squeaky voice and funny noises they know I’m talking about a 5*. There’s just something about it that can’t fit into words.

    1. Why is it so hard to define? Whyyyyyyy?? lol. It was reading Sleeping Giants that got me thinking about this. Its a solid 4 star book, and there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t be a 5 star…it just lacks that…that…that…whatever in the world it is.

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