Well, that just sucks. Wes Craven is dead.

Born August 2nd, 1939. Died August 31, 2015.

Wes Craven (Twitter headshot)

The mind that created Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street) is dead. Freddy Kruger is one of the things that shaped my childhood. I hold him personally responsible for installing insomnia in me early on. I hold him responsible for my fear of waterbeds (because even now, I *know* Kruger’s gonna come up through it and slice me the minute I fall asleep.)

Even once I got older, I still love the Kruger movies. I can definitely see the camp, where as before they were just freaking scary, but they’re still awesome. These movies terrified me, so naturally they hold a special place in my mind.

Even better, is whenever you saw pictures of this guy (like the one above) do you see ANY inkling of that twisted mind? I don’t. He looked like a cool grandpa.

And the dude that started the whole nightmare…is dead.

Well, that just sucks.

I hope Mr. Craven’s family finds peace and comfort swiftly.

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