Twilight Zone Tuesday – The Invaders

The Invaders

Woman – Agnes Moorehead

This is one of the out-of-the-way places. The unvisited places. Bleak, wasted, dying. This is a farmhouse. Handmade, crude. A house without electricity or gas. A house untouched by progress. This is the woman who lives in the house. A woman who’s been alone for many years. A strong, simple woman who’s only problem up until this moment has been that of acquiring enough food to eat. A woman about to face terror which is, even now, coming at her from the Twilight Zone.

The Woman inside the house is cutting up something and I have no freaking clue what it is. It looks like a vegetable but it’s really, really smooth inside. She tries to cut something else up but her blade is dull. As she’s stirring her…soup? she munches on whatever it is. Overhead she hears a strange trilling noise. The sound gets so loud that it hurts her head and then there’s a crash that shakes her cabin. She gets under the table to protect her head. After that, there’s silence.

The Woman looks round in puzzlement. After looking around in befuddlement for a while she grabs her lantern and decides to check out the roof. Once up there she hears a beeping and looks frightened. She checks out the source of the beeping and sees a flying saucer. Fairly small but I think anyone would be a bit…alarmed to find a beeping disc on their roof.

She goes to touch it a few times but each time she does it makes a noise. When she checks out the bottom a gangplank comes down and a little robit exits the saucer. She chucks her lantern at it and knock it down. Somehow I don’t think throwing a gas and flame lantern on a wooden house is a good idea. After conquering the robit, she heads back down the ladder.

Once she’s back inside she finds a domajiggy on the floor. Presumably dropped by the robit. She picks it up and sniffs it. Ummkay? And then squeezes it. When a little Christmas light comes on she freaks out and drops it. She hides in a corner. Looking at her hand she sees bumps, like burns or hives on her hand. so, I’m guessing radiation burns. She hears the weird noise again and grabs a candle to investigate. She takes a big ass spoon and starts poking around with it.

She opens her door only to be confronted with a tiny robit. She slams the door on it, even though it’s like an inch high and she could easily kick the damn thing for a field goal. She thrashes around under her bed with the big spoon and knocks over her candle, dousing the light. She looks at her knife rack but the only one hanging up is the dull one. She hears the noise again and the little robit is trying to come through the window. She slams the window and shoves one of her many, many big pots in front of it.

The evil little robit pops up, holding her sharp knife and stabs her in the toes. Now that’s just rude. I think she overacts it just a bit, though.

After he falls on the bed the robit launches itself on her but she bats it away. After a bit more thrashing around she grabs a hatchet and starts looking for the robit. She grabs her door handle (which is a stick through a hole, it’s kind of weird looking). The little bastard robit sticks the knife through the hole and stabs her hand.

She grabs a candle and goes on the warpath for it. She finally finds it in her bedclothes so she grabs it and chucks it out of the window. Ok, there’s two of them. One with a laser thing and the other with the knife. The one with the knife is caught up in her bedclothes. It tries to cut its way through and she grabs the knife away from it. She carries it in the blanket and dumps it into the box She then chucks the box into the fireplace. Uh-oh. I see bad things happening here. After she chucks the box in the fire the other robit blows a hole in the wall. She is not happy and grabs hr hatchet to wait by the hole. And I will say that she’s putting a lot into her part. She’s all sweaty and drooling a bit.

She hears a pitter patter of little robit feet behind her and goes to check the bed. She soon realizes that it’s on the roof. She climbs up on the roof in time to see the gangplank being raised. She climbs out and starts going all Jack Torrance on it with her hatchet.

From inside the saucer you hear a voice over a speakerphone, calling Central Control. It goes on to say that Gresham is dead and there’s an incredible race of giants there. He nixes the suggestion of a counter-attack. Counter-attack?! You attacked her first! As she continues to hack away the voice continues saying that she’s too powerful for them and to stay away. He and Gresham are finished. She gives it a few more whacks and then leans back on the house, exhausted.

As we look at the totaled saucer the camera zooms in on the insignia. It reads: U.S. Air Force – Space Probe No. 1. Which actually is a cool and fairly surprising twist.

These are the Invaders. The tiny beings from the tiny place called Earth. Who would take the giant step cross the sky to the question marks that sparkle and beckon from the vastness of a universe only to be imagined. The Invaders, who found out that a one-way ticket to the stars beyond has the ultimate price tag. And we have just seen it entered in a ledger that covers all of the transactions of the universe. A bill stamped “Paid in Full” and to be fund, unfiled, in the Twilight Zone.

This is a pretty good one. The twist at the end was well-done and Agnes Moorehead (Endora from Bewitched) does a pretty decent job of doing the whole thing without speaking once. I do think that a couple of times she goes a bit over the top but not too badly.

Join us again next week for the episode: A Penny for Your Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Twilight Zone Tuesday – The Invaders

    1. No, I actually haven’t watched that yet. I’ve heard a lot about it, though! I thought this one was pretty different too. I was surprised the end was actually…surprising, lol.

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