Tutorial: How to Add a Shortlink to One of Your Reviews or Posts While Commenting

Hey, you know how sometimes someone leaves a comment on your blog, and down at the bottom of their comment, they leave a cool little 2-4 word link that directs you to one of their posts when you click on it?

Don’t know how to do it, but want to? I just learned thanks to  Wendleberry , so I thought I’d pass it on.

What you need: A document you can paste a bit of html code into. The link address of the post you want to reference.

So, this bit of html never changes. The link, though, and what wording you put in that is what the people reading it will actually see…does.


So, in this case, I will be linking to one of my “Kid’s Corners” reviews. Left and right arrows are replaced by # signs so you guys can see it.

I’ll put #a href=https://scifiandscary.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/kids-corner-miss-l-reviews-ghostly-thief-of-time-an-emu-club-adventure/#  first then I’ll follow it up with what I want the viewer to see “Miss L reviews: Ghostly Thief of Time” followed by #/a# (remember left and right pointing arrows are replaced by # signs right now.)

What you end up with is:


I just write my little comment: “Great job” yadda yadda yadda, and copy and paste the above code at the bottom of my comment. That’s it!

It appears on my comment as: Miss L reviews: Ghostly Thief of Time

Hope that helps someone else out there!

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