TTT: Seriously Underrated Horror Books


This Top Ten Tuesday topic was supposed to be about books that are underrated (have less than 2000 ratings) on Goodreads. Given that 95% of the books I read for Sci-Fi & Scary have less than that, this topic required a bit of modification. Top Ten Tuesday, by the way, is brought to you courtesy of Broke and Bookish.

So, here are the specifics for this post. (I apologize in advance that there’s only 5. It’s been crazy ’round here!)

These are horror books that were (first) published at least 1 full year ago and have less than 200 reviews on Goodreads.
The Thirteenth Child by David Dean Habeas Corpse by Nikki Hopeman Night Terrors III Sorrows Point by Danielle DeVor Mothers Boys by Daniel Russell

Seriously Underrated Horror Books


1.) The Thirteenth Child by David Dean – These vampires don’t sparkle. They’re almost feral, evil, and completely disturbing. In just over 200 pages, David Dean does a fantastic job of ramping up the atmosphere and delivering a great story.

My review.

2.) Habeas Corpse by Nikki Hopeman – How have you people not read this by now?! iZombie fans, you in particular have NO excuse. Take away the cutesy of iZombie and turn it a bit darker and more realistic (well, as realistic as a zombie story can get), and you have Habeas Corpse. (Albeit the main characters dangly bits are definitely different.) Scenes that will turn your stomach, and a plot that will keep you guessing make this a must read.

My review.

3.) Night Terrors III from Blood Bound Books  – Okay, so I’m recommending an anthology. That should say something, considering how rarely we actually get along. A fantastic assortment of all sorts of horror stories. Perfect for reading in bite-sized chunks over lunch.

My review.

4.) Sorrow’s Point by Danielle DeVor – This book creeped me out! Creeped. Me. Out! Great atmosphere, a memorable main character, and an ending that leaves you going What? No! I need more!! If you like possession books, and books that throw you in the deep end immediately – this is the book for you. As a decided non-liker of slow burn books, this was perfect!

My review.

5.) Mother’s Boys by Daniel Russell – If you like monster mash movies,b-rated brawl films, etc, you’ll like Mother’s Boys. It’s unashamedly an excuse for mindless violence and action. For what it is, it is perfect.

My review.


5 thoughts on “TTT: Seriously Underrated Horror Books

  1. Thanks for including “The Thirteenth Child” here, Lilyn G! I hope a few of your readers will give it a try during the Halloween season.

  2. Ooh, I’m intrigued by Habeas Corpse! I enjoy horror novels veeeeeery sparingly (more when I was a child) but I’ve been wanting to get into iZombie for a while, and your comments make it sound so intense.

    1. It was intense, lol. I think mostly because it wasn’t really that intense until it was, if that makes sense? The grosser parts weren’t really *that* gross, but against the fairly ‘okay’ most of it…

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