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This Top Ten Tuesday is all about the villains. We’ll be looking at the best horror villains of page & screen. All my opinion of course, and you’ll see I’m definitely a bit biased towards the paranormal.  Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of 

Best Horror Villains of Page & Screen

  1. Freddy Kruger.  This guy is terrifying. Yes, the Nightmare on Elm Street * films quickly went in the corny direction, but it doesn’t change the fact that Freddy Kruger is responsible for planting the seeds of insomnia that have plagued me for most of my life. When we’re asleep, we’re at our most vulnerable. The idea that something can come into our dreams – into our most private place at our most vulnerable time – and destroy us there is absolutely terrifying.


    Freddy Krueger by edgarsh422
    Used under CC 3.0

  2. Pazuzu.  Demonic possession books and movies are some of my favorite ones to read, and The Exorcist  – Pazuzu – is responsible for putting that fear in me. The idea of my body or that of someone I love’s being taken over by a dark force and forced to do evil acts is horrible. It’s the ultimate rape of your body, mind, and soul, and I can’t imagine even living past that once you’ve been exorcised. I’m of the mind that you are probably going to be fully aware whilst this is going on. Talk about the trauma afterwards.
    1. Deliver us From Evil – Book/Film
    2. Sorrow’s Point – Book
  3. Okiku or any incarnation of her. These characters are typically found in Japanese horror (or American rip-offs of Japanese horror).
    1. The Ring – Film
    2. The Girl from the Well – Book
  4. Fat Lady Zombie from Dawn of the Dead (2004). You know, when she gets rolled in on the wheelbarrow, and then she’s covered on the bed, and then it’s CHEEEEEEYYYYYARRRRRRGE! …Zombies. Book or film, as long as they’re the unstoppable starving force, they’re awesome. There seems to be a trend towards making them objects of pity or something lately. To that I say: No, no, no. They’re not meant to be pitied. They’re meant to chase us unendingly, make us afraid to sleep, to relax, to feel the fear of becoming one of them.
    1. Burn the Dead – Book
  5. Emeric Belasco. Ghosts of evil humans. Vengeful ghosts are fun, sure. But the best haunted house stories come with the appropriate ‘this evil person died and refused to pass on, now they’re out to kiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll you all! Bah-aha-ahahahahah!” *cough* In Hell House, Belasco is pretty much the epitome of the ghost of an evil human. I won’t say more for spoiling it.

    Chucky by Spikewomack
    Used by CC 3.0

    1. Hell House – Book/Film
  6. Alien. Specifically, that creature from the famous Alien films. However, there other notable ones that stand out too, like from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Its easy, when thing looks human, to think there might be a speck of goodness in it somewhere. But when you come up against Alien? You know you’re screwed.
  7. Chucky. Well, any possessed doll, but… before Annabelle, there was Chucky. Chucky scared me so bad I tied all my dolls up when I was young, put them in a bag in my closet, and put a door against the chair until I could get rid of them. Its just the idea
  8. Pennywise. How many people did Pennywise put the fear of clowns into? There have been many attempts to come close to the freakish awesomeness of Pennywise since Stephen King’s IT first hit the big screen, but no one has came close.

Now, 9 and 10 aren’t horror movie villains, but I had to include them.

9. Dolores Umbridge. Do I really have to say any more about this utterly freaky, and completely scary woman? She is the ultimate bad.

10. Cthulhu. ‘Cause, it’s Cthulhu. And the perfect way to conclude this list of Best Horror Villains.


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19 Responses to TTT: The Best Horror Villains of Page & Screen

  1. Esther says:

    I didn’t know about Okiku. I had to look it up. That’s so interesting! I added The Girl from the Well to my TBR 🙂

  2. Pennywise is on my list as well and you’ve hit the creepiness factor of Okiku right on the head. That scene from the movie STILL terrifies me! Wonderful list but then I know it’d be good when I headed over to check it out!

  3. Brian Bixby says:

    I like Vincent Price’s character Edward Lionheart in “Theatre of Blood” (1973) primarily for his over-the-top characterization of the mad but ingenious actor.

    Let’s not forget the house in “The Haunting” (1963). It doesn’t have to do anything; it just IS. A different kind of horror from Belasco’s role in Hell House.

    Freddy Kruger’s decline was remarkable, but has its parallels in Jason Voorhees (which may explain why the two got paired in a movie I most definitely did not see) and Michael Myers. As Freddy was the more original character, it’s a real pity the owners of the franchise didn’t try to keep him seriously horrible. Jason Voorhees was something of a cypher anyhow, so no great loss there. And the less that was said about Michael Myers, the more terrifying he was, never more so than in the first movie.

    • I totally saw the Freddy vs Jason movie and think of it with a grin!

      I’m not a fan of Jason and Michael Meyers. I think it comes down to wanting my horror to feel supernatural and even though both of them do have a tinge at least of that, it’s not really the primary characteristic you identify with them .

      I haven’t seen the Vincent Price film you mentioned.

    • I would agree that Freddys decline into kookiness was disappointing but I think Wes Craven did a fantastic job interjecting fear back into it with The New Nightmare.

  4. Donna says:

    I made the mistake of watching both the US and Japanese versions of The Ring and The Grudge. I’m forever scared of Okiku.

  5. Okiku is freaky as hell, and more so because she seemed so accessible? Like she goes through the TV and stuff. Her life story is really, really sad, though. :/

    And Dolores Umbridge is definitely the ultimate bad. She doesn’t seem to have any reason for inflicting pain and torture beyond liking it.

  6. Diana says:

    The Ring is one of the scariest movies of all times. I remember the girl coming out of the TV screen, sheesh!That was terrifying. Chucky and Freddie are quite the villains too. And Damon from the Omen. Great list. I haven’t watched a good horror in so long though.

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