TTT: My Ten Best Reads of 2016


This Top Ten Tuesday topic (courtesy of Broke and Bookish) is all about your favorite new releases so far this year. As I don’t think I’ve even read ten 2016 releases (not counting kids books) this year, I’m going to do my Top Ten Best Reads of 2016 (so far). For the record, including short stories and kids books, I’ve read 192 books so far. It’ll be interesting to see, come December, which ones are still on the list. These are in date order. There’s no other significance. So, without further ado…

Sci-Fi & Scary’s Top Ten Best Reads of 2016 (so far)

(psst: clicking on the covers opens the Goodreads page in a new tab.)


The Private Sector Wannabes Ash Review (Asher Benson #1) The Spirit Chaser Reviver

The Shadow Queen The Immortals Flex The Eighth Day The Dean Machine

  1.  The Private Sector by Leigh M. Lane
  2. Ash (Asher Benson #1) by Jason Brant
  3. Wannabes by Michael Logan
  4. The Spirit Chaser by Kat Montemayor
  5. Reviver by Seth Patrick
  6. The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine
  7. The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky
  8. Flex by Ferrett Steinmetz
  9. The Eighth Day by Joseph John
  10. The Dean Machine by Dylan Peters

Honorable Mentions (because they’re shorties):

One Who Saw  The Last Day of Captain Lincoln SICK

  1. One Who Saw by A.M. Burrage
  2. The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by Exo Books
  3. Sick by Christa Wojciechowski

What do you think of my top ten so far? Have you read any of them??

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25 thoughts on “TTT: My Ten Best Reads of 2016

  1. Thanks for linking me to your TTT! I’m really happy to see ‘Shadow Queen’ on your list since it’s on my TBR. It’s always nice knowing people with similar reading interests have liked a book. I’ll definitely have to look into and maybe take a peek at ‘The Immortals’. I’ve seen this one around, but wasn’t all that interested after reading the blurb. Perhaps I’ll have to give it another look. :/

    1. I read The Immortals and The Shadow Queen back to back. (Literally. Got them from the library at the same time, and started the second one as soon as I’d finished the first.) I was happy as a clam.

  2. I read Joseph John’s book recently and am definitely going to be a fan for life! The Eighth Day was awesome. If anybody likes reading stuff like Michael Crichton that would make an amazing movie, you’ll enjoy this book!

    I’m gonna have to check some of the rest of these out! (Especially The Shadow Queen, given all these comments about it, apparently!) Thanks!

  3. I’ve not read any of these books but I am drawn to The Immortals. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on The Shadow Queen so I’ve been on the fence about reading it.

  4. Oh, these are all new to me – I’m with you though, so curious to see how many of my top ten are still on the list at the end of the year!

  5. So glad to see The Shadow Queen here! I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about it so have put it on hold, but I’ll be sure to check it out. I love the cover and that blurb is so interesting. 🙂

      1. I actually haven’t yet read the Lunar Chronicles and am not planning to, so I wouldn’t be able to compare, but it’s great to hear that! I might just pick it up after all. 🙂

  6. Although I didn’t add it to my list, I really liked The Shadow Queen a lot and am excited to see what the sequel holds when it comes out. Of course I really like anything with dragons so that made it a plus! I’m going to have to check out The Spirit Chaser, Reviver and The Dean Machine. Thanks for sharing (and adding to my wishlist).

    1. I mean, I knew there was going to be sequel because of the whole “Ravenspire #1” thing, but I never actually thought about it/ looked into it. Now I’ll have to. Happy to add to your wishlist. I hope you actually get to read some of them 🙂

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