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This Top Ten Tuesday (brought to you by Broke and Bookish) topic is supposed to be about your favorite books of a particular genre, but we’re going to have tons of these lists towards the end of the year. So, I’m going to do movies instead, and not just any movies, but the funniest low budget sci-fi and horror movies. Well, best in my opinion anyways. Regular readers of this site are probably aware of the fact that I have a peculiar sense of humor.  Anyways, when it comes to the so-bad-its-awesome everyone has their favorites. Here are mine. (PS: Clicking the covers will take you to the IMDB page when possible.)

Funniest Low Budget Sci-Fi and Horror Movies



Collision Earth – A massive solar flare turns Mecury into a magnet for a split second, and sends it careening towards the Earth. Featuring the pained hero (Kirk Acevedo), the daring (female!) astronaut, and lots of nerdy snark! Collision Earth has the worst CGI of any movie I’ve seen in recent history, a catch phrase that establishes itself almost instantly, and is filled to the brim with “Oh, my god, that’s so bad it’s AWESOME.” My review.


Piranha 3DD – Well, there’s lots of boobs. I guess that goes without saying. But beyond the tremendous about of jiggly bits, there’s killer piranhas, great lines, and a nonplot that just won’t stop.


Of course Roboshark is on this list. Roboshark is pure ridiculous from about 10 seconds in, and it just gets better. Also, this movie has some of the most awesomely horrible lines I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing in a movie. Seriously. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the best bad sci-fi movies and you haven’t seen this one yet, you should be ashamed of yourself. ASHAMED. My review.


Zombie Strippers – This one is so bad that when it popped into my head for this article, I actually groaned. But then I remembered the pool ball kegel attack (yes, you read that right), and knew that I had to include it. Its beyond horrible, it’s got Robert Englund in it, and you’ll never be quite as ashamed of yourself for watching a movie as you will by the time you’re done with Zombie Strippers.


Big Ass Spider – Oh, this was a wonderfully bad movie. It embraced its badness with all the slow-mo, over-the-top shoots and lines a person could ask for. Arachnobia might scare you, but this one will just make you laugh…and laugh…and laugh! Its even got the lady from Insidious (Lin Shaye) as a bit of a cougar who’s got a fruitcake obsession, and a thing for the pest control guy. It’s hilarious.


Category 6: Day of Destruction – Okay, so Day of Destruction might not realize it’s a ‘bad scifi’ movie, but it so is. I mean, anything that has has Randy Quaid riding into a twister can’t be taken seriously, right? Bad acting, Bad CGI, and a desire to frighten you without the actual ability to. Category 6 has a message, but you can’t hear it over the sound of your own giggles. Category 6 has a sister film called inventively enough, Category 7. Category 7 has Shannon Doherty in it. You’re welcome.


3-Headed Shark Attack – Alright, I’ll be honest, this movie is on the list for two reasons. Both of them include Danny Trejo. It would honestly be so bad it couldn’t even qualify for this list if it wasn’t for Trejo’s presence. His presence, and this scene near the end with a machete… Just watch it, folks. you won’t regret it.


Sharknado – This one is included more because I know people are going to yell at me if I don’t list it. Sharknado is a comedy disaster that has some absolutely ridiculous scenes in it, including a guy getting his face ripped off in a twister of sharks. Whilst it doesn’t quite reach the epicness of Roboshark, it’s a fun watch.


Evil Dead 2-  No list of funny horror movies would be complete without the mention of this movie. I shouldn’t have to explain why.


The Blob (1958) – According to an inflation calculator I used, this movie would have cost just under two million dollars to make. So maybe it’s not really low budget, but it’s The BLOB for FSM’s sake! So don’t argue with me on it. Ah, The Blob, a classic bit of gelatinous ooze that is somehow a tiny bit terrifying. I don’t know how, or why but, yes, I’ve had nightmares about this movie before. Its the type of movie that you cackle while watching, but find yourself waking up in the middle of the night over, quite unexpectedly. Then again, that could just be the overindulgence of adult beverages.

There’s tons more that I could add to this list (and it’s definitely not as heavy on the Sci-Fi as it could be, but I kept drawing a blank!) but it’s top ten, not top twenty, so here you go. My top ten funniest low budget sci-fi and horror films. It goes without saying there’s probably some awesome ones out there that I haven’t seen.

Okay, here’s your chance to give your input:

Which ones are you shocked I included?

Which ones do I need to watch IMMEDIATELY?

Link me to your picks!


BONUS: Here are ones I considered for the list, but didn’t make the cut for because they didn’t qualify for one reason or another.

Starship Troopers, San Andreas,  Troll 2, Leprechaun (any), Tremors (any).

**Disclaimer: All movies, characters and such shown are the properties of their respective studios. Images are shown only for identification purposes, to facilitate recognition. **

25 thoughts on “TTT: Funniest Low Budget Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

  1. I’m not sure, with a $3 million budget, Peter Jackson’s “Braindead” (which I saw as “Dead/Alive”) but few zombie films are so funny.

    And I have an abiding affection for John Carpenter’s “Dark Star.” Phenomenology!

  2. Haha!! You have some of my favs listed here. Piranha 3DD (I liked the 3D one), Big Ass Spider, and Sharknado (OF COURSE!!). Lol! Great movies for when I have nothing to do and don’t want to do anything.

  3. Oh my god Piranha 3D terrified me, not because of the story or anything but because of all the violence and blood and gore. I couldn’t even watch the end I had to leave the cinema!
    I have heard Sharknado is hilarious but I don’t think I’ll ever watch it myself!
    Still I loved tour theme for this week, and great picks as well! 😀

  4. You can always count on Danny Trejo for some wonderful B films. I love him so I’ll watch just about anything he is in. I’ve only seen Evil Dead 2 from this list, but you’ve listed some I’ll have to check out. Perfect list as always!

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen any on your immediate list but I have seen all the Leprechaun movies. I watched them when I was way younger though so they always gave me nightmares 😂. Great list! I enjoyed reading it. 😊

  6. I am not a sci fi fan in the least, and when I teach “Shark Week” (a two-month informational text and research unit) the kids always think we’re going to watch Sharknado. Don’t think the principal would find that very educational. 🙂

  7. I love this list! I honestly wonder how some people get the ideas for horror movies like these ones – like the concept in itself is ridiculous, and on screen it’s even better.

    There’s this Australian horror film called Cat Sick Blues where a guy lives as a cat after his cat dies and attempts to get his cat back by getting nine human lives. It’s not the same as the ones you have on this list, but the trailer looks funny and horrific at the same time. 😂

    1. I gotta imagine that the majority of these come from a bunch of geeks sitting around drinking, talking about their favorite movies, and being like “Dude y’know what would make it cooler? If Jaws had THREE heads. *hiccup* Can you imagine it? THREE heads? OH, and…and…” lol

  8. I love The Blob…lol. 🙂 I think most of those movies are on Syfy and my dad loves them…Sharknado and all it’s predecessors definitely fit this list. 🙂

    Oh have you seen Lavalanchula? That has to be a low budget one and I only watch it for Steve Guttenburg…lol. 🙂

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