Trace Review (2015)

Trace Review

Synopsis: A group of friends experimenting with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) accidentally open a doorway allowing a powerful demon to enter our world. – IMDB

Tagline:  Believe what you hear. Fear what you believe.

Release Date: 2015-10-27 | MPAA Rating: Unrated | Coolthulhus Earned: 4

Trailer: Trace


Trace Review

Well, it’s not found footage. For any movies involving a demonic entity, nowadays, I’ve learned to be extremely grateful when I find non-found footage pieces.  The website they mention Voices in the Static does not exist, but if E.V.P holds your interest, there are lots of sites out there. Is it original? Nah, of course not. Is it entertaining? Mostly.

I liked the different take on the demonic voices (they didn’t always go for the deep and growly. Sometimes the demon’s voice would take on the aspects of a mother-figure, for example) and that they didn’t go overboard in showing gruesome deaths. They were more effective in doing it the way that they did. Sometimes, less is more and the director seemed to have actually understood that in some aspects. So that was definitely nice to experience

I also want to give the filmmakers kudos because there were a few times – though I’m thinking of one in particular – where they could have taken the easy jump scare, and they didn’t. Waiting for it to happen -this seemingly evil picture just asking to transform into all sorts of bad – for the whole scene ratcheted up the tension. The fact that it didn’t happen then meant that the tension carried over. Of course, a lot of times they gave in to the basic jump scare, so you never knew when they weren’t going to do it.

The acting wasn’t great, the camera work could have been better, and the script was straight up blah, but… they still managed to pull it together rather well. For your typical paranormal, low-budget movie, it was actually rather good. Click here to rent Trace now from Amazon.

4 Star Rated Film

Title: Trace | Director:  Ryan Brookhart | Actors:  Jeremiah Benjamin, Mike Capozzi, Nick Fink, etc | Production Co.: Terror Films | Release Date: 2015-10-27 | Genre: Horror | MPAA Rating: Unrated | Rating: 4 of 5 

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