Top Ten Unpopular Opinions – Movies!

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.For our final (for now) movie-oriented post, we admit it, we’re aiming to get people outraged with our unpopular opinions. You’re welcome to try to change our minds. It’ll be akin to the wolf blowing on the brick house, but you’re welcome to try nonetheless.

And, as a bonus (we did have to get at least ten of something in, somehow), we’ve chosen to poke at some of the more popular actors who aren’t exactly oozing the ability to diversify their roles, if you know what we mean.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Broke and Bookish and is generally book-oriented. However, they’re on vacation until August 15th, so we’re tuning in to movies for a little while longer.





5 Movies We Hold the Unpopular Opinion On

Herbert West – Reanimator – I often see this movie on lists of best Lovecraftian movies. Besides the name, I don’t see any kind of resemblance between the two. West, in my opinion, is more akin to a splatter-fest than the creeping, dread typically inspired by Lovecraft’s works. I also have yet to see one naked woman (or anything else) in Lovecraft’s works. Call me a snobby purist but in my opinion this movie could not be farther from Lovecraft.       

Star Wars – Seriously? What is it about this movie. I mean, it’s got a few good quotable lines, but I just don’t see it. Every one I’ve seen has struggled to hold my attention. It’s not necessarily that I think they suck horribly, I just don’t understand why everyone thinks they’re so awesome.

The Shining – No, not the remake. I really like the remake. It’s more faithful to the book and I think Steven Weber plays Jack Torrance far better than Jack Nicholson. Nicholson does not portray Jack as someone slowly going mad from the hotel’s influence, he looks crazier than a loon before he even gets there. I’m not even going to mention Shelley Duvall’s performance. Rebecca De Mornay plays a much, much better Wendy. This is something that has always bugged me when it comes to books and movies. If you’re going to gut it and try to create your own story with it then don’t try to ‘buy’ it an audience using the popularity of the book. As a totally separate entity the first movie is passable as a  horror movie. I honestly don’t think it deserves the ‘genius’ status it has attained. As an adaptation from the book? It sucks.

The Core – This movie has a 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. How is this possible? It’s ridiculous – but not B-movie, no -budget ridiculous. It has one of the best death scenes ever (Isaacs’ character in the compartment). Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Jason Isaacs, and Delroy Lindo shouldn’t work together as well as they do, but they’re a sheer delight to see on the screen. I think the haters just have issues with the earth getting drilled by a massive phallic object loaded with geniuses. You’d much rather them be dinglebury drillers on an asteroid. But, see, the geniuses save the earth with their brains. The dinglebury drillers just don’t know when to quit. Go-get-’em can only get you so far.

Maximum Overdrive – A 17% on Rotten Tomatoes makes us think that all y’all who voted it down just aren’t right in the head! Maximum Overdrive is beyond awesome. If you can look at the movie poster, title and synopsis and watch it expecting a deep and thoughtful story then I don’t know what to tell you.




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5  Actors Who Have Embraced Their Typecast

It seems like whenever you hear actors talking about their breakout roles in Hollywood, you also hear about their fear of being typecast. It is a valid fear, as witnessed by stars like Adam West. However, some of these actors seem to have embraced their typecast with wild abandon. At one point each of them could probably act, but now… Well, let’s just say there’s a sinking suspicion that their egos outpaced their abilities about 15 movies ago. And one bonus.

The Good Guy Who Was Done Wrong and Overcomes (With His Motorcycle) – Tom Cruise. Let’s face it, Mission Impossible did Tom Cruise all sorts of wrong. Before that, he played in a few interesting roles.  After Mission Impossible, though, well, the man knows what rakes in the money, doesn’t he? (Jack Reacher, Edge of Tomorrow)

Alternate role: Hotshot at -insert profession here-. (Top Gun, Jerry Maguire)

He Who Needs Rescued – Matt Damon. We’re definitely not the first to point this out, but oh, how very true it is.  (Saving Private Ryan, The Martian)

Alternate Role: The Unlikely Hero (Great Wall, Elysium)

The Smarmy Con – George Clooney. The man has a plan, and if everyone just listens to him, they will all be on Easy street! (Oceans 11, Dusk Til Dawn)

Alternate Role: The Military Man (Three Kings, The Men Who Stare at Goats)

Conspiracies, Conspiracies Everywhere! Man Denzel Washington. He’s the most innocent, sweet man on Earth but everyone’s always out to get him, one way or another and nobody will believe him. (Ricochet, The Manchurian Candidate)

Alternate Role: Man on the Run (Man on Fire, John Q)

The Genius- Benedict Cumberbatch. Alright, this one is kind of tongue in cheek because I actually really enjoy watching Benedict Cumberbatch’s movies, but, c’moooooon. Sherlock? Genius. Doctor Strange? Genius. The Imitation Game? Genius.

Alternate Role: Asshole (Star Trek, Black Mass)

Bonus Actor:

Cocky, Cynical, Know-it-All – Robert Downey Jr. Don’t get me wrong, I really like RDJ but really, his character is usually the same. A cocky know-it-all who isn’t afraid to say, “I’m better than you. At everything.” (Iron Man, Zodiac)

                Alternate Role: Slimy Schemer (Natural Born Killers)

Hopefully we made you laugh. Tell us, do you share our unpopular opinions? And what leading ladies are (happily) typecast in your opinion?

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Unpopular Opinions – Movies!

  1. I disagree about The Shining. I love to watch it in the winter when the snow is falling. However, the book is WAY better and I hate how the ending of the movie swayed from the ending of the book. However, EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions and I loved reading the ones here!

    1. Thank you! we try to give everyone a fair hearing. Too many sites get rabid protecting their favorites but we always like to hear (civilized) arguments on why we might be wrong, or right.

  2. I very much agree with you on The Shining. I thought it was dull and boring for most of it and the only bit I like is ‘here’s Johnny!’ I’m not likely to watch the remake though.

  3. Has Helena Bonham Carter every played a non-psycho? From Fight Club to Sweeny Todd to Harry Potter to Alice In Wonderland, you see HBC and you know you are dealing with a dangerous looney wrapped in barbed wire and drizzled with spicy murder sauce.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters she plays, but if anyone in Hollywood is typecast, it’s her.

    1. You are so definitely right about that! Makes me laugh to see her IMDB list her as an actress of great versatility.

      I guess its versatile if she can play crazy across the ages and genres?

  4. I agree with you about Star Wars and The Shining. The Stars Wars films are okay, but not my fandom type of thing. The Shining i saw before I read the book, and didn’t like it even then. Which surprised me, as i’ve always loved horror films. I only disliked it more when i read the book, because the book was amazing! Genuinely scary moments and a psychological plot the film just completely missed out.

    1. I think The Shining rates an “it was ok” but I can’t understand all the intense scrutiny about it. Like the documentary Room 247? I thought it was hilarious. Trying to figure out the layout and convinced that everything meant something. I certainly wouldn’t rate it a ‘masterpiece’.

      So I’m curious, what do you think of the re-make?

      1. I actually liked the documentary better than the movie. (Not that I bought into anything in the documentary, but it was just a better watch. More entertaining!)

  5. While I share the annoyance about movies that are “based on” a book which they leave far, far behind, I’m charitably inclined to “Herbert West” and the original “The Shining’ (though not all the way to the end for the latter). “West” was atypical pulp fiction for Lovecraft, churned out in monthly (?) installments; the movie captures that spirit, by being a grindhouse horror flick. And, call me easily confused, but “The Shining” is one of those cases where I sometimes think I read things I saw, and vice versa.

    Quasi-unpopular opinion: I do like the “Underworld” movies . . . well, the first three of them. OK, so the draw was Kate Beckinsale kicking ass, but the movies had a charming atmosphere and a mythos that was interesting, if not always consistent or probable. That said, #4 was a turn in the wrong direction, and I’ve not seen #5.

    And question: do you think the comic book adaptations of recent years have typecast any of the actresses and actors that appear in them? If not, why not?

    1. It seems like they have, to me. I have rarely seen them in other movies after. I think that’s the trouble with some series that go on for a long time. The audience can sometimes only see the characters they’ve been rather than their new character.

      1. I have to wonder if that will happen to the Game of Thrones characters, too. If one is too much of a “thing” . . .

    2. Scarlett Johansenn *can* get other roles, but you can see her sliding into the kick-ass female heroine thing – from Black Widow to her next notable role being The Ghost in the Machine.

      However, I don’t think the chick that played The Red Witch is having that problem yet (but then again, she’s not a huge part of the movies.)

      1. Maybe Johansenn is playing to her strengths. I saw her in “Under the Skin,” and couldn’t figure out if she was playing the part perfectly or was a horribly bad actress in that role.

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