Top Ten Tuesday: Why, exactly, do you like them?


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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Can’t Figure Out Why Everyone Likes

  1. Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles – could she be ANY more cookie cutter YA tossaway with no personality???
  2. Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles – Again, cardboard cutout much?
  3. Edward from Twilight – S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  4. Christian Grey from 50 Shades- See #3 + a cupful of Abuser.
  5. Snape from Harry Potter – He’s an asshat. Doing good deeds occasionally only makes him occasionally less of an asshat.
  6. Gale Hawthorne from Hunger Games – I never did understand the fascination with him or Peeta, actually. Both of them annoyed me more than anything else. Katniss was just doing what she needed to survive so I didn’t mind her as much.
  7. Xsadist from Black Dagger Brotherhood – okay, so this is more of a ‘type’ than a ‘him specifically’, but …but… just because a guy (or girl) has been through hell and is OBVIOUSLY screwed up from it doesn’t make them attractive. It doesn’t make me want to cozy up and think I can kiss their boo-boos away and have great bumping of uglies. Instead it makes me feel sorry for them and want to get them help. Emotional scarring to the point that you can easily tell the person has issues is not ‘sexy’ and I hate it when people are all over that like it is.
  8. …actually, no, you know what..number 7…that “type” comprises most of my list if I’m honest about it.

Say it with me: Emotionally or mentally damaged is NOT sexy. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with it, per say, because they certainly didn’t ask to become that way, and that should not stop you from being their friend, but that state of mind IS. NOT. SEXY. They need help, not to be the object of infatuation. You can’t kiss that kind of damage better. Trust me – I am that damaged. I KNOW.

…wow, I kind of took a different take on ‘like’ there, didn’t I? but it still holds, regardless. I see people fangirling over people that, if they were real, would seriously need psychiatric help, and it just makes me wince.

32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Why, exactly, do you like them?

  1. No! Not Snape on the list! He’s such a tortured character and one of the most complex ones in the series. He’s…. Heathcliff looking for Cathy–a tortured romantic hero (that’s not a good role-model for sure). But he sacrificed himself for the greater good, he ultimately protected Harry and he was on the ‘good’ side all along. He’s just very, very…grumpy 🙂

    1. Snape’s an emotionally stunted dude who got unhealthily obsessed with a girl who didn’t look at him that way, and never outgrew his obsession with her or his enmity for a bunch of boys who bullied him, and proceeded to take it out on everyone he could.

      1. Yeah, lol, yes he did. Wouldn’t date the guy 🙂 But he did sacrifice himself, he did protect Harry, so to me he redeemed himself. He was a fascinating character to read about–but I think even J.K. Rowling said she hated Snape.

        1. I know Snape was based on a science teacher she hated, at the very least. I guess you could argue for him redeeming himself to a point, but… a few good acts does not a toe-rag unmake? Haha 🙂

          1. Agree to disagree, ha. Just saw another blog post of yours, about your stats, which are fantastic and I love reading your blog. As far as views…I imagine if you read up on SEO a bit more and sometimes pick attention grabbing headlines like ‘Snape–asshat or hero’ you might see another uptick in views 🙂 I love engaging in friendly literary arguments/discussions.

            1. I actually have spent several hours reading up on SEO. I just suck at doing good headlines 🙁 *mumble* And I love that you do engage! Sometimes you just wanna have a friendly argument!

  2. I love this list so much! Yes to Scarlet because I’m convinced that I’ll dislike her even after I finish. Also, I keep forgetting Twilight, so now everyone is reminding me how truly messed up those characters were 95% of the time.

    1. Part of me wonders what the author who wrote Twilight thinks nowadays. I mean, yes, she made a buttload of money from the books, but almost everytime a listing of worst characters or whatever pops up…her characters are at the top of the list.

      1. She can’t be too pleased. Though, maybe she just doesn’t care anymore. Twilight and its characters have been dominating the “worst of the worst” lists for quite some time now. After so long, she can probably just laugh at herself now. I hope.

  3. I haven’t read any of the books besides the BDB one, but from the little I know of the characters you mention, I’d have to fully agree.
    As for Z, I admit I did like him simply because I love characters who are not perfect. Those are hard to find nowadays. I actually hated Bella, his partner, because I thought she was a selfish nympho whose only aim was to get into his pants despite his emotional hardship with sex!

    1. Yeah. He’s an interesting character. I guess my dislike of him isn’t a dislike of him as much as it is a dislike of people fangirling about characters like him. KWIM?

  4. Ugh Christian Grey. I cannot see the appeal in him at all. I mean if I met a guy like that I’d be running in the opposite direction, never looking back.

    1. Mm, I don’t know. I worry about the people that fantasize over the ones that you should keep separated just out of the fear that fantasy and reality might be more likely to merge in their cases.

  5. Emotionally damaged is not sexy!! Say it again for the people in the back! Authors have this idea that women want to fix a man, and we really don’t. I’m fine with an average guy with average problems. Seriously. I don’t need a stalker or an abuser of any other type.

    1. The only reason I didn’t consider Cinder as such was that she’s actually written as being plain looking, which was nice. Cress…well.. *shifty-eyes* I kind of liked her because she was a hacker and how she did the daydreaming/fantasizing thing to get her through situations. I’m guilty of that so it was an identifying thing.

  6. I love your list. I agree, Edward is totally a stalker. I used to work with a woman who also read Twilight and we were always having heated debates. She was such a feminist yet had difficulty when I would tell her Edward was controlling and I basically felt he and Bella were one step away from a domestic violence incident.

    1. The people who can’t see that are the ones that worry me. Part of me wants to scream at them: “How can you possibly think this is okay? This is NOT okay!”

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