Top Ten Tuesday: Utterly Honest Resolutions


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My Utterly Honest 2016 Resolutions

  1. I will actually get to a doctor, and get myself on some happy pills. ‘Cause books don’t always work to calm anxiety attacks, and I have a deceased baby and a living child with a life-threatening illness. I need some flippin’ happy pills, dammit!
  2. I will figure out a way to make more money to pay off more of my daughters’ medical bills that are overwhelming me.
  3. I will get better at organizing the house and keeping it clean, even though when I get home I’m so tired all I want to do is play with my kid or read.
  4. I will actually make an appointment to try to get help for my insomniaHAH! That one won’t happen. I’ve resigned myself to being this way. I’ve been this way since I was 7.  Lets try this again. I will stop destroying my liver by nyquil or zzzquiling myself to sleep every night, and just deal with barely sleeping.
  5. I will let the 6 year old win at logic games like chess once in a while, instead of mercilessly destroying her time and time again until she gets it. Because apparently my method of wiping the floor with her in logic games is mean. Hmph.
  6. I will start cooking more, ’cause my 6 year old thinks “Daddy’s working late tonight” automatically equals “We’re going out to dinner!”
  7. More bookshelves. MORE. BOOK. SHELVES!
  8. I will get into the habit of going to the gym regularly again.
  9. I will continue to increase our SHTF stock of noms, water, etc.
  10. I won’t call anyone a nuckfut (Though I often switch that n and f) in 2016. Instead I’ll call them dingleberries.Well, this one is already done with. Called Fred (one of the cats) The Supreme Nuckfut of Kibble this morning.


There we go. I think I can keep to most of them.

41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Utterly Honest Resolutions

  1. I think you can call people nuckfuts AND dingleberries.

    I have had super-insomnia since I was a small child too, and I don’t know why. It always felt like my body’s sleep function was just broken. In the end I did find something that works for me, thank god (melatonin), and it’s absolute magic to just fall asleep at night and not be tired the next day. At least it was until I got chronic fatigue syndrome. My body really doesn’t want to do sleep properly.

  2. I recently was prescribed Clonazepam for my anxiety and it really does help. I know it’s not fun to go to a doctor and have to describe what you’re going through, but it’s worth it in the end. <3

    1. Its not really that I have an issue going to the doctor, to be honest. Its that I spend all my ‘doctor time’ on Miss L. At the idea of going for myself, I’m just like *sigh* Really? I don’t have the energy for this.

  3. About that falling asleep thing and the finding the doctor thing. First, the latter (because this is how my brain is working today…backwards). Make an appointment with docs that are recommended to you by people you trust/think a lot of. Note that I said “docs” plural. Spring for the costs of the consultations, trust me. Take a list of questions/concerns. Talk and LISTEN. You want someone that is capable of doing both. You want someone who has the same “philosophy” of care. I am astounded at the number of people that do not do this. My doc said I was his first patient, ever, that had but that he thought it was brilliant for having an open line of communication from the outset.

    Secondly, because I too have chronic insomnia (also since I was a child). I have trouble going to sleep (usually) because my brain is trying to solve life’s problems, worrying or just generally being incorrigible. Talk to your doc about trazadone (I may have spelled it incorrectly). It is an old medication with very few side effects and non habit forming. It used to be used for depression until it was discovered that people didn’t care if they felt better because THEY WERE ASLEEP! lol While, it doesn’t ALWAYS work, it works well enough that I’m bothering to tell you.

    Also, give yourself a break. You’ve a lot on your plate. Take support/help from anyone that offers. xo

    1. Thank you for your advice. I’ve actually been on Trazadone before, but I’ve never been on *just* Trazadone (I also have a chronic pain disease, so this is back when I was actually letting the doctors drug me to the gills in an effort to get my pain under control. Now I just suck it up and deal with the pain). So I’d definitely be willing to give it a try by itself.

      I’ve never met anyone else who has had insomnia since childhood! and mine is for the exact same reason, I think. The only time I’ve ever been able to fall asleep easily was when a friend gave me a few xanax. I parceled them out over a 2 week period, and every time I took one, my brain calmed down, I could concentrate on ONE thing at a time (amazing for me) and was able to fall asleep easily. Most unique sensation I’ve ever had. Normally my brain is going in 80 different directions at once.

  4. I most definitely agree on the more book shelves!! I hate having to hide my books away in boxes!!

    1. Valerian is actually fairly effective but, it gives some people (ME! ME! ME!) craaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy lucid-dream experiences. I tried it a couple times and was just like “NOPE!”

    2. Have you folks been tested for sleep apnea? Your complaints sound very much like mine … trying everything, nothing helps enough. Turns out I have apnea, almost waking up a couple hundred times a night. While I personally consider CPAP machines to be inventions of the devil, I now have a dental appliance that pulls my jaw forward at night, letting me breathe — and sleep!

      1. Ed – thanks for the suggestion, but my problem is like Marie’s. Falling asleep. Once I’m *asleep*, I’m generally good (except for when asshat cats wake me up), but my body just doesn’t want to go to sleep.

  5. Great resolutions! #5 I don’t “let” my kids win either, and they seem to be turning out ok. Although I have noticed a tendency to over celebrating when they do win… 🙂 #6 A slow cooker saved my life – throw stuff in first thing in the morning, turn it on and walk away.

    1. We have a slow cooker, but I’m extremely nervous about using it. I’m scared it’ll short circuit and catch the house on fire when I’m not home or asleep. There’s no particular reason for me to be that nervous, I just am. 🙁

  6. Keeping it real, I like it.
    Nutfuck is an excellent thing to call people, but it’s nice to switch it up, too.
    I think it hinders kids to let them win games; they won’t learn anything but how to cheat that way.
    More shelves, always and forever!

      1. No, sorry I didn’t take it as you couldn’t cook, I’m sure you can. I can’t cook, well I can, but I’m always afraid that I’m going either under cook something or burn it! 😐

    1. She learns the way I do it! I patiently explain what all the pieces do, and when I think she has a basic grasp, its game on. I will tell her “I see x number of ways you can get me”, but if she doesn’t figure them out, I get her, then say “See? You coulda stopped me.” But apparently I’m the only mean person in the world who teaches like that. -.-

  7. I need to get better organized and keep my house clean too. I am so horrible at this, because I am honestly just too lazy the majority of the time to want to do anything. So hopefully we both get better at it this year! 🙂
    I actually don’t really know how to cook and the boyfriend does all the cooking. I definitely want to try to learn how to do some of the cooking myself. I’ve never had to cook all my life, so I just never learned. I think it’s time I did haha.
    Good luck with all your resolutions! 😀

        1. Very true. For the record, the only combo I’ve found that puts me anywhere close to ‘sleep now’ is Nyquil + Melatonin + Alcohol. And, obviously, with a kiddo around, you don’t need to be that knocked out. So…

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