Top Ten Tuesday: The “Used-to-be-Scary” Movies (that maybe might be possibly still are)


This week’s prompt from the Broke and the Bookish is a Halloween-themed Freebie, so here we go!

Top Ten Used-to-Be Scary Movies

These are the movies that creeped me out or just outright terrified me when I was younger. Now I can watch them and giggle.


Kind of.

Some of them, at least.

  1. The Exorcist  – Yeah, this one still has official “Don’t watch it at night or with Miss L in the house.”
  2. Child’s Play – This movie scared me so bad when I was younger that I tied all my porcelain dolls to their chairs. When that didn’t abate my fear, I put them in a garbage bag, stuck them in my closet, and propped a chair up against the door knob. Since that day I’ve not willingly kept anything bigger than a barbie in the house. (Yes, even now.  I know its stupid, but …but…Annabelle, dangit!)
  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Okay, so 1-7 are now laughably ridiculous. The New Nightmare is still a…tad…creepsy though. That whole blending reality, possession of an idea thing. Eugh!)
  4. The Ring – Yes, I  still cover my eyes with the scenes of Samara coming out of the well. Gyargh!
  5. Paranormal Activity – The first one. The first one ONLY! Yes, I mostly laugh at it anymore, but I still jump in all the right places.
  6. Poltergeist – The original(s) (as if I need to clarify). That scene at the end with the pool and the skeletons? I admit, they sort of get mashed together in my head, but the pool scene, the meat to maggots scene, Carol Anne in the mirror in NYC, etc. Creepy as heck when I was younger!! Luckily all just laughable now though.
  7. The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock – Alright, lets be honest, the special effects do not hold up AT ALL, and so its more a “watch and giggle” movie now, but the IDEA? Stillllllllllll terrifying!
  8. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight – I might have had a nightmare or two after watching this for the first time. Watched it a couple years ago though, and happily cackled.
  9. The Fog (1980) –  It might have came out before I was born, but it still ruddy creeped me out the first time I saw it.
  10. Silent Hill – I don’t care if it did come out when I was already an adult. STILL creepy! And I laugh at it now, not because its no longer creepy, but because its so freaking ridiculous that I’m scared by a movie based on a game. Those walker thingies, though…just urgh.

Did I mention I’m such a skeeredy-cat that while I can watch pretty much any zombie movie out there, I can’t play any ‘scary’ games like Resident Evil because they creep me out too badly

Yes, yes, laugh it up, Chuckles. 

Did I forget one?? What would be on yours?

38 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The “Used-to-be-Scary” Movies (that maybe might be possibly still are)

  1. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope 😐 I couldn’t even imaaggiinneee the nightmares any one of these movies would bring about, haha! Great post!

  2. I watched Paranormal Activity for the first time this Halloween. It surprised me how much I ended up liking it. I really love the subtle, implied but not shown stuff. It spooked me, but didn’t leave me feeling particularly scared.

    Until I woke up at 3am and my eyes immediately tracked a path around my bed that something might take to come and stare at me. Did not sleep again until morning.

    1. Haha, yeah, they go downhill after the first one, but that first one is a doozy! That scene where the sheet is invisibly lifted off of her, and she’s yanked down the hallway? Yeah, I tucked my blanket in all around my body that night.

    1. You are truly doing the series a disservice if that’s the only one you’ve seen. That’s not even a ‘real’ Nightmare on Elm Street! Stupid remake -.- Please try to watch some of the others. I guarantee you the earlier ones will make you laugh!

  3. The Ring is one of those films that is so perfectly crafted it’s terrifying and remains to be my favourite horror film. I honestly can’t be in the same room as creepy dolls, especially ventriloquist dolls, I hate the way they look at me haha.

  4. It’s so funny that I love horror movies, but I haven’t seen the classics. D: I haven’t seen the Exorcist, though I’ve seen versions inspired by it (*cough* the Exorcism of Emily Rose *cough* it’s great btw), nor have I seen Poltergeist. -.- I haven’t seen the old Nightmare on Elm Street either, but I did watch the new one. Silent Hill, omg, I saw that when I was 10 or 11, and it gave me nightmares for so long. Especially that church scene when that girl gets her skin ripped off? Yikes. XD

    1. O_O You HAVE to see the Exorcist. None of those other exorcism movies even come close!! Watch it ASAP!!

      Do not watch the Poltergeist remake, but I highly recommend the originals.

      The NEW one? Like with non-Robert Englund Freddy?? ewwwwwwwwwwwww. lol

      1. I know, I know! I’ll probably watch it this Halloween! And yeah, I didn’t love the Nightmare on Elm street. I didn’t hate the Freddy Krueger as much as the people who’ve seen the originals, but that may be because I had nothing to compare him to xD

  5. When you said, “Yes, yes, laugh it up, Chuckles.” I instantly thought of the Chucky movies. That would be a great one to add to the list. If you’ve seen it, of course. Lol!

  6. I liked Silent Hill mostly because of the true story part of it was based upon (an underground coal mine fire that’s been burning ‘forever’) in Centralia, PA(?) My mom’s family is from WV and they had something similar (on a much smaller scale) near her home town. Maybe this means the scariest movies/stories are ones that may not be that far from the truth…

    I still love The Birds and just recently bought Daphne DuMaurier’s short story collection which includes it. I was so surprised when I discovered that the movie was based on a short story by the same author as “Rebecca” (another great Hitchcock movie)

  7. My favorite Paranormal Activity is actually the third one. Partly due to the fact that that’s the only one I actually saw in the theater, but largely due to the use of the oscillating fan camera. I think that was genius, and I got nervous every time they went to the footage from that camera.

    1. The oscillating fan camera was definitely one of the spooky parts to that movie. Especially when it moves to the kitchen again, and you see the sheet-person, and then VOOMP! nothing. *shudders* Yeah, that one had me looking behind me in my kitchen that night.

    1. 28 days later was good! A very unique take on Zombies. World War Z for some reason just isn’t a ‘horror’ movie in my head. I don’t know why!

      Oh, Helix was interesting!!

        1. Did you ever read the book it was based on? That might be what the difference was for me. I was constantly thinking “Uhm, what? How’d they get from the book to… this?”

              1. shrug. dunno. I think it goes back to cleaning the grease trap at my first job. Laughing. If you think about what you are doing you can’t even. But just turn off and scoop, scoop, scoop.

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