Top Ten Tuesday: If Wishes Were Fishes…


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2015 Published Books I Wish I’d Gotten Around to Reading

I’m actually fairly happy with the 2015 new releases I read so this’ll be a bit difficult and I’m only going to do 5 to make it easier on myself.. (As usual, no particular order.) Links go to Amazon’s relevant book page.

The Sin Eater’s Daughter (The Sin Eater’s Daughter, #1)
The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury – First line or two of synopsis:

I am the perfect weapon.
I kill with a single touch.

I might get around to it this year, but I’m horrible at crossing books off a TBR list.



The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth, #1)
The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth) by N.K. Jemisin –

First line or two of synopsis:

This is the way the world ends. Again.

I keep eyeing this one, and intending to look for it when I go to the library, but then I always get distracted by non-fantasy books. So. Maybe. Eventually.


Flex ('Mancer, #1)

Flex (‘Mancer) by Ferret Steinmetz

First line or two of synopsis:

FLEX: Distilled magic in crystal form. The most dangerous drug in the world. Snort it, and you can create incredible coincidences to live the life of your dreams.

I actually just discovered this one. I want it now, please.


Lost Souls: A Reviver Novel (Reviver Trilogy, #2)
Lost Souls: A Thriller (Reviver Trilogy) by Seth Patrick

First line or two of synopsis:  JONAH MILLER, REVIVER. Able to wake the recently dead for testimony that is accepted in courts worldwide, the use of revivers has become a routine part of police investigation.

Reads like it might be a darker, less sex-obsessed Anita Blake, so I’m definitely interested and wish I’d have known about it before now.

The Suffering (The Girl from the Well, #2)
The Suffering by Rin Chupeco

First line or two of synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Tark knows what it is to be powerless. But Okiku changed that. A restless spirit who ended life as a victim and started death as an avenger, she’s groomed Tark to destroy the wicked.

How did I not get around to this one last year? ARGH!



Can’t wait to see everyone else’s!


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: If Wishes Were Fishes…

            1. I’m not accepting any indie book submissions for review for the month of April (so really that goes into effect starting in March because I’m a month ahead), and I’m devoting the whole month to trying to knock down my TBR list. 🙂

  1. I put books on hold at my library, because when they’re plunked on a shelf with my name on them, I’m more likely to read the books I’ve been meaning to. This doesn’t mean, of course, that I don’t get distracted sometimes by an intriguing title or a pretty cover!

  2. While some of them sound really intriguing ,I haven’t heard of any of those before! Good thing we have those TTT lists, it makes me discover new books … not that I would actually need MORE books on my TBR …

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