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Well, fairly obvious by now that my tastes run to science fiction, horror and thrillers, yeah?  Sometimes, I read a book that takes me by surprise, though. Here’s the ones I really did not expect to enjoy over the last year or so.

Surprisingly Enjoyable Books

Cinder by Marissa Meyer - TTT Surprisingly Enjoyable Books

I’m still honestly shocked by how much I enjoyed this one. I’ll state again that it was chock-full of issues, but in the end – it was just a fun, mindless read that made me a good bit happier than expected. When you loll in the dark, fluff that delights tends to surprise you.


 Year Zero by Rob Reid- TTT Surprisingly Enjoyable Books

This one has the distinction of being the first book I ever posted a review for on this site. Vaguely amusing, considering I generally can’t stand the comedy genre. They either hit on a home run, or they strike out immediately. Most often, they strike out immediately, but with Year Zero, Rob Reid had me in stitches by the third chapter.




Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - - TTT Surprisingly Enjoyable Books

I, uh, generally tend to poo-poo the classics. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with them, necessarily. Its more than I reach for easy entertainment, and the word ‘classic’ tends to equate with ‘dry’ in my head. Anyways, Fahrenheit 451 knocked my socks off. So beautifully written!


14 by Peter Clines - - TTT Surprisingly Enjoyable Books


This book makes the list not because its outside of my usual genres, but because it started off as a book I really struggled to get into/enjoy. I actually walked away from it. But I kept hearing good things, so I circled back around to it… and by the end of the book, I absolutely loved it. That definitely took me by  surprise.




A Better World by Marcus Sakey - - TTT Surprisingly Enjoyable Books

This book makes the list because I’d read the first book in the series, and just couldn’t get it into it. Not that it was badly written or anything, it just never hooked me, so… given that I’d pre-committed to reading both books in the series, I was dreading wasting my time on this book just to fill an obligation. So, wow, was I shocked when it ended up being much better than the first one, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!




Thus ends my list of surprisingly enjoyable books. Sadly, I couldn’t get to ten. What about you? What books did you find yourself surprised to enjoy?

14 thoughts on “TTT: Surprisingly Enjoyable Books

  1. I felt similarly about Cinder–I’d seen it a lot around the blogosphere, so decided to give it a try even though I’d already read a little and didn’t like it very much, but in the end I enjoyed it.
    Liked your TTT 🙂

  2. Classics tend to be too dry for me too, but now I might have to check out Fahrenheit 451 😀 I’m in a book club where one of the next books is that one, and I was thinking of skipping it but now I might not hmm.

    1. Fahrenheit 451 has prose that will just outright suck you in to the story. Even while you’re uncomfortable about what’s being talked about, a part of you is going “Let me find someone to read this section out loud to”

  3. Cinder! I think we both felt pretty similarly about Cinder. Not necessarily a book that requires an in-depth reading, but still enjoyable. I read Bradbury YEARS ago (probably about a decade or more), but I remember liking this book, as well. Classics as a genre are hard for me, because while I like to focus on books by women or minorities, I find it really hard to enjoy most classics written by women. I know, that’s awful to say. But can anyone really imagine me reading “Little Women” or “Persuasion?”

    1. Someone I was talking to put my feels about classics really well. They said “Some of the classics, like Wuthering Heights, were the soap-operas of their time.” —- I hate soap operas.

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