TTT: Awesome Audio Books (Can’t Stop Listening!)

This Top Ten is an Audio Book freebie! This previous post we’ve discussed audio books that have set neglected on my virtual shelves. This one is going to be all about the books that probably wish I didn’t love them quite so much. If they were records, they’d be worn out by now! As usual, Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of the Broke and Bookish. So, without further ado, here are my awesome audio books!

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Awesome Audio Books


just-oneJust One Damned Thing After Another: Written by Jodi Taylor. Narrated by Zara Ramm.
Genres: Science Fiction, Historical Fiction
Subgenres: Time Travel, Romance, Comedy
Series: Chronicles of St. Mary’s #1

“If this was one of those books, there would now be three pages of head-banging sex. The reality was that he pulled me close, whispered, ‘Mfhbnnntx,’ and I pulled his arm over me like a cover and muttered, ‘Trout,’ and that was pretty much it.”
Jodi Taylor, Just One Damned Thing After Another

Zara Ramm is pretty much the perfect narrator for this book. I’m always really, really leery of female narrators but she nailed it. Her inflection, accent, everything is perfect for the book. She sounds like she had fun reading it. It has so many great lines in it that I couldn’t listen to it at night because I’d laugh too much and get wide awake. Hands down gets first slot on this Awesome Audio Books list!

Patient ZeroPatient Zero: Written by Jonathan Maberry. Narrated by Ray Porter.

Genres: Horror, Thriller
Subgenres: Sci-Fi, Mystery
Series: Joe Ledger #1

“I’m not sure I could trust a man who would bypass an Oreo in favor of vanilla wafers. It’s a fundamental character flaw, possibly a sign of true evil.”
Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero

Ray Porter is a fantastic narrator in general, but I feel like the Joe Ledger books are some of his best work. The man’s (seemingly natural) voice just lends itself so perfectly to the sarcasm that imbues these books. To listen to Patient Zero is to let the narrator and author play a kick-ass action movie inside your mind. Very well done. My review.

What can I say about Illuminae? I'm a sucker for star-crossed lovers in space.

Illuminae: Written by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman. Narrated by Olivia Taylor Dudley, Lincoln Hoppe, Johnathon McClain.

Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Subgenres: Romance
Series: The Illuminae Files #1

“Interviewer: So. Tell me about your mother.
Ezra: You’re taping this, right?
Interviewer: Audio only. Camera is faulty.
Ezra: Okay, well for the benefit of the sight-impaired, I am now raising my… oh, dear… yes, it’s my MIDDLE finger at Mr. Postgrad here.
Interviewer: Mr. Mason…
Ezra: Now I’m wiggling it.
Interviewer: Terminating interview at 13:58 on 03/19/75.
Ezra: Look at it wiggl-
-audio ends-”
Amie Kaufman, Illuminae

Illuminae is one of the rare young adult books that I ended up loving. However, the reason it’s on this list is more because the way it’s narrated makes it a lot smoother of a ‘read’ than actually reading the book itself. People have complained that the book can feel a bit choppy with how its formatted. The audio version is very smooth flowing. My review.

The Girl With All The GiftsThe Girl with All the Gifts: Written by M.R. Carey. Narrated by Finty Williams.

Genres: Horror, Science fiction
Subgenres: Post-apocalyptic, Zombies

“This gauntlet, flung down by a bullying, contemptuous universe that allowed human beings to grope their way to sentience just so it could put them in their place that bit more painfully.”
M.R. Carey, The Girl with All the Gifts

Finty Williams was the perfect choice for this book. Much like I can’t imagine anyone but Zara Ramm as Max for Just One Damned Thing After Another, I can’t imagine any other person but Finty Williams voicing Melanie. Her voice added a whole ‘nother level to the creepiness factor of this awesome book. My review.

infectedInfected: Written by Scott Sigler. Narrated by Scott Sigler.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Subgenres: Zombies, Aliens, Apocalyptic
Series: Infected #1


“Despair filled his skull even more tightly than his own brain. All around him cars filled with normal people perfectly unaware of the disease turning Perry’s body inside out. F*cking normal people.”
Scott Sigler, Infected

Infected is on the list because I would fall asleep listening to it, and wake up in the middle of the night with it still playing – and get completely creeped out!! The sound effects, the voices of the things, everything combined into a story that left you turning on the lights if you woke up at 3 a.m. with this still playing.

Mistborn: The Final EmpireThe Final Empire: Written by Brandon Sanderson. Narrated by Michael Kramer.

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Subgenre: Action/Adventure
Series: Mistborn #1


““Marsh: Our best efforts were never even a mild annoyance to the Lord Ruler.”
Kelsier: Ah, but being an annoyance is something that I am very good at. In fact, I’m far more than just a ‘mild’ annoyance–people tell me I can be downright frustrating. Might as well use this talent for the cause of good, eh?”
Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire

Michael Kramer got me through an epic fantasy novel. The man deserves tons of applause for this. About the only fantasy I can enjoy is urban, because it’s generally shorter with writers not being quite as wordy. So between Sanderson’s down-to-earth writing, and Kramer’s soothing voice, I truly enjoyed the listen. I believe I even cheered a little at the end. It took me a while to get through the book, but it was completely worth it.

….and finally… You guys knew this was coming!

The Martian Review (Book)The Martian: Written by Andy Weir. Narrated by R.C. Bray.

Genre: Science Fiction
Subgenre: Comedy


“If ruining the only religious icon I have leaves me vulnerable to Martian vampires, I’ll have to risk it.”
Andy Weir, The Martian

Y’know what… when it comes to The Martian…just go read this review. It’s the perfect ending to this list of Awesome Audio Books.

14 thoughts on “TTT: Awesome Audio Books (Can’t Stop Listening!)

  1. Every time I see a recommendation for the audio version of a book on by tbr, I’m thinking of trying audiobooks. Here it is again with Just One Damned Thing After Another.

  2. I have been seeing Illuminae around.Its not a genre that I have ever read but I am intrigued.How long do the audios last. I have seen some that go up to 11 hours. Do you listen to them the same way as you would read books. Stoping and starting again when you get a chance or how do you go about it? Do you do something else at the same time like chores or driving?

  3. I haven’t read Illuminae and didn’t realise the audiobook was narrated by multiple people! So is this where a person voices out certain characters?

    I still can’t get over how creepy Infected’s cover is. Something unsettling about seeing an eye with irises like that.

  4. I’ve heard so many great things about Michael Kramer. Mostly from Sanderson himself. If I remember correctly, he specifically asked for Kramer to read his works

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