TTT: 10 Bookish Things I Want to Quit or Have Quit


This prompt came from Broke and Bookish and I’d like to thank them for giving out some great ideas for so many Tuesdays!

So, I’m doing halfsies on this one. The first 5 are Bookish Habits I Want to Quit. The second 5 are Book Tropes I Want to Quit Reading.

5 Bookish Habits I Want to Quit 

1.) Not finishing trilogies. This is bad of me, I know, but the only trilogies I enjoy reading to the end are Nora Roberts stuff, when I’m in the mood for some sappy smoochies. Otherwise, it seems like the 2nd and 3rd books aren’t nearly as good as the first one, so I prefer to pretend the rest of the trilogy doesn’t exist to preserve the sanctity of the first well-written book with so much potential.

2.) Reading on my phone. Its tiny writing, and hard on the eyes. I need to get a proper kindle to read on. Unfortunately, money doesn’t go on trees, so I’ll quit this one as soon as I can afford to.

3.) Staying firmly within my comfort zone when it comes to reading. Now, I’m not saying I’ll start reading non-fiction (for adults at least) but I’ll try not to turn up my nose as much at other stuff.

4.) Checking out too many books from the library when I have a massive TBR pile at home. Yes, its a big deal. I hate not reading my library books as soon as I get them.

5.) Breaking my budget at Half-Price Books. I have a library card and I get free books for review all the time now! Why am I still even going to HPB?

5 Book Pet Peeves I Want to Quit Seeing!

1.) Love triangles. I do my best to never knowingly pick up a book with a love triangle in it, but sometimes the blurb lies! Can we just stop writing about love triangles in general? Leave the soap opera stuff for trashy daytime T.V. They’re not interesting. They’re not even remotely realistic for 99.9 percent of people out there, and they’re just flat out over-used.

2.) Happy Ever After Endings. If I’m reading a romance book, yes, I want a happy ever after ending. But a medical mystery? a thriller? Heck, even a science fiction novel? Why do we think that we need a perfect ‘good’ ending for every book? Why can’t the book end with the world blowing up, humanity getting extinguished, etc, once in a while. Go against the grain, authors! Go. against. the. grain!

3.) Damsels in Distress. Just…no. The world has enough of these books. Lets try writing more where the heroine of the book really is a heroine. Where she’s strong, mouthy, and willing to stand her ground against anyone or anything (and doesn’t end up Stockholm Syndroming her captor or whatever). Strong is sexy. Fragile/frail is just boring.

4.) Hunka-hunka covers. Okay, so technically this isn’t one that I want to quit ‘reading’ about. Its one that I want to quit seeing. Yes, I realize you’re writing a romance book, but good lord. I follow a lot of writers/publishers/book promoters on Twitter, and all your romance novel covers look the same lately. A close up shot of a rippling chest and six pack. Possibly also impossible curve of a woman’s photoshopped body. First one I saw made me go “hubba-hubba!” Now I’ve seen so many I don’t even bother to try to read the title. If you can’t come with something more imaginative than a close up of muscles, I’m not interested in whats under your cover.  Yes, I realize this is ‘judging a book by its cover’ and no, I don’t care.

5.) Sequel-Baiting. If you can’t give me a self-contained story in one book, I guarantee you I’m not going to waste my money on any other book of yours. I mean, I don’t know how long you’ll try to keep stringing it out. Trilogies and more are fine, but your books better be whole individual books, or we’re done.

….wow, I sound grouchy. I don’t think I’m being super demanding though. Basically, I just want uniqueness and a good story.

What about you?

35 thoughts on “TTT: 10 Bookish Things I Want to Quit or Have Quit

  1. The only series I ever finished all the way through was Odd Thomas. Although, if Doctor Sleep wasn’t such a stinker, I might have another series to add to the list, but I’m now wary about the third and final book.

    Others I might have finished include Christopher Snow, Alex Cross, and the Mr. Mercedes Series (couldn’t get through the first book lol)

    Note to self, if I ever release my collection of erotica or decide to write an honest romance (probably neither will happen as long as I’m alive), then I’ll have to think of a creative cover. Maybe have a guy staring longingly out through the window of a bus. I’ll keep it artsy fartsy. *nod nod*

    As for sequel baiting: thank you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve edited someone’s novel and found the ending not wrapping jack shit up. It’s like, here’s a whole book…. aaaaand, we’re done. Gonna have to wait for part II! It’s a slap in the reader’s face.

    1. Ooh, Odd Thomas was a good series. I don’t think I’ve read all of them, but it wasn’t one of those where I deliberately didn’t read the last ones as much as…I just fell out of lust with Koontz’ writing.

      1. I actually partly stopped reading for the same reason, but also because I wanted all the books to come out so I could binge read it. I don’t like waiting for the next book haha

        His stand-alone books as of late have been rather mediocre. The last book I actually enjoyed was Your Heart Belongs to Me, but the ending was pretty bad. That’s okay, though. I’m catching up on the other books in my TBR pile. 🙂

        1. My favorite Koontz book standalone was…shoot. The guy had the multicolored irises? Ended up with eye-cancer, and his daughter ended up helping him ‘borrow’ sight at the end.

  2. I love the lists that include reading outside of comfort zones. I think we all tend to get reading tunnel vision.

    I’m tired of love triangles and sequel-baiting too. If a story is good enough and the characters are intriguing, that should be enough to make you want to continue with a series. Cliff-hangers are getting old but seem to be on trend right now.

  3. I agree with the love triangles! They’re so boring and I’m sick of reading about them.

    I also read on my phone a lot, mainly when I’m on the train, and it’s not good for my eyes at all. Alas, sometimes I don’t have enough room in my bag for a book so I’m forced to read on my phone.

    Thanks for visiting my post earlier 🙂

        1. I disagree with them in YA novels particularly because, seriously, that’s the message we want to send? You haven’t lived until you’ve had 2 boys fighting over you?

          1. Love-triangles aren’t healthy portrays of relationships either because there’s always some level of manipulation and guilt in them. They’re not good for younger readers and I wish we could have more YA novels which didn’t feature romance at all to be honest.

  4. Thanks for stopping by earlier, and I love your list! I’m pretty bad at 2&3 on the first list, and agree with you 100% on the second. Also loved your gifs!

    I was going through Amazon best sellers (free, of course) and they were mostly the hunky covers! Usually there’s at least a little more variety than was there…

  5. With you on trying to break out of the comfort zone, though I’m also not sure what my comfort zone is…
    And yes, yes, yes to your entire list of things you don’t want to see in books!
    My TTT 🙂

  6. You know my feelings on Sequel baiting. I can feel you on the romance covers (I can’t help but laugh anytime I see those sort of covers in a Walmart).

    The Trilogy stuff is rough. I have found both good and bad and its never easy to tell which way things are going to go. I am tired however of every fantasy author seemingly deciding they MUST write a trilogy though. Its like, LORD OF THE RINGS DID IT SO I GOTTA! Why not just write one book? Or hell, write one book ,and then later write another in the same universe but don’t fucking PLAN a trilogy.

  7. I think quitting on trilogies is okay to do! It’s the writer’s job to keep things interesting, and your time is valuable – think of all the good books you could be reading instead of a finishing a weak trilogy that limps along after all the good plot points have been exhausted.

    1. True, true. My problem is, though, that I don’t even *try* to give the second story a shot. I just read the first book and *bloop* I’m done. Mostly I blame that one on Arthur C. Clarke. I don’t think I’ve ever read a second book in a trilogy from him that was any good, but his first books were awesome.

      1. 2001: A Space Odyssey was awesome, but I remember giving up on 2010: Odyssey Two. Darn you, Clarke!

        1. Right? Rendezvous with Rama was FANTASTIC. Rama II? About 3o pages in, I was done. Same with his Space Trilogy. Islands in the Sky? Awesome! Sands of Mars? Well…I managed to finish it. That’s about all I can say for it. etc.

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