TTT: Top Terrible Names – Halloween Edition

TTTBanner - Top Ten Terrible NamesThis Top Ten Tuesday Topic is names you would never name a child/dog/cat, etc. Since this is October, of course we’re going to something horror oriented. So, have you ever liked a name, then watched a horror movie, and been forever turned off the name? That’s the basis of my Top Terrible Names – Halloween Edition. All except the last one. That’s just because of a creepy cousin. (By the way, as usual, Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of The Broke and Bookish.)

Top Terrible Names – Halloween Edition

Gage  – Before I watched Pet Sematary, I loved this name. Loved it to the point that I was pretty sure if I ever had a boy, I was going to name him Gage. Then I watched Pet Sematary. Nope! NO more. Gage easily earned it’s place on my Top Ten Terrible Names!

Name means: Measurer


Damien – Okay, Damien (or the original name it’s derived from) actually had positive connotations at one time. Saint Damian is actually one of the patron saints of physicians. Then a movie like  The Omen came along, and pretty much ruined the feel-good of the name. This was another easy entry for my Top Ten Terrible Names.

Name means: To Tame, Subdue


Regan – Yes, I know at the end of The Exorcist, Regan’s free from the demon. But, honestly, could you -after watching this movie – ever look at a child named Regan and not think about it?! Again, a no-brainer for this list!

Name means: Royal, Regal


Samara – This is actually a really pretty name that has been forever ruined by she-who-crawls-out-of-tvs! The Ring brought us one of the more terrifying movie monsters, and gave it a pretty name like Samara. Hmph. Why couldn’t it have been Amy or Jessica? The only females I’ve even known with those names were evil! It would have fit!

Name means: Result, Reward


Chucky / Charlie – I know some of you might have positive associations with the name Chucky, if you grew up watching the ginger-haired kiddo in Rugrats. However, the power of his cuteness does not come close to wiping out the evil that is the little murderous ginger possessed doll in Child’s Play. Also, Charlie from FireStarter? Talk about being perpetually afraid to tick someone off!

Name (Charles) means: Free Man


Samuel – Okay, so this one is a special case. I didn’t used to mind the name Samuel. Then I watched The Babadook. Within 10 minutes of that kid appearing on-screen, doing his screaming bit, I hated him. He came across as such a spoiled, undisciplined, shrill little ankle-biter that he forever ruined that name for me. The thought of that kid makes me cringe.

Name means: His name is god.


Isaac – Believe it or not, before I watched Children of the Corn, I actually liked the name Isaac. I considered it a strong, traditional sounding name that was a classic. I didn’t like it as much as I like Gage, but it was close. And then… then I got introduced to this bloody movie. I was done.  Everything about this character, from the way he looks, to the way his voice sounds, to his obvious nuttery bothers me!

Name means: He will laugh.


Michael – Okay, to be fair, the name Michael never overly appealed to me. Mainly because I have a cousin named Michael, and I’m pretty sure he’s the spawn of Satan. Ever look at somebody and just be convinced they’re innately evil? Yeah, that’s him. Pretty much from birth, onward, he’s had this veritable reek of sulphur about him. But then to see Halloween? Well, that just cemented the fact that Michael can be a terrible name!!

Name means: Who is like god?


14 thoughts on “TTT: Top Terrible Names – Halloween Edition

  1. I looove this list. It’s especially funny to me because both of my nephews’ names are in it haha 😛 I agree with you on the name Samara. It was nice, but NOPE, never naming anything like that. Too creepy now.

  2. The name Chucky was definitely permanently ruined by Child’s Play… although I don’t think it was the best nickname for Charles to begin with, so maybe it’s not a tragic loss.

    Not having seen The Ring, I think Samara is a really pretty name, so it’s rather unfortunately that it’s been ruined!

    Great list!

  3. So I think I had the same cousin growing up, but his name was Timmy. I love your list -it’s so dead on. Except for Michael, it’s my husband’s name, and yes, he did dress up as Michael Myers for a costume party one year. In fact, he recently put his Michael Myers mask on the end of an old crutch and hid it inside the bedroom door after we watched a horror movie one night – it startled me more than anything. I once worked with a woman who named her baby Reagan and every time I saw that kid I thought of her spewing green slime everywhere! Thanks for brightening up my morning with your perfect list!

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