Top Ten Author Duos You’d LOVE to See Write a Book Together (Oct 13)


This prompt came from Broke and Bookish and I’d like to thank them for giving out some great ideas for so many Tuesdays!

Good god, this is almost impossible! I’ve never even thought about my favorite authors writing a book together. There’s no way I’m going to be able to do 10. Not happening. Maybe I can do…three?

Author Duos I’d Love to See

1.) Nora Roberts and Dara Joy – Everyone knows who Nora Roberts is, and Dara Joy has written my favorite book of all time (Knight of a Trillion Stars). So if Robert’s talent for spooky tension melded with Joy’s love of kooky/sexy, I can only imagine what the result would be.

2.) JD Robb and JR Ward – Okay, yes, yes, I know JD Robb is a psuedonym for Nora Roberts. Don’t care. I want JD Robb (The In Death Series) to write with JR Ward (Brotherhood of the Black Dagger). The kick-ass sexiness that would ensue? Yes, please, and thank you.

3.) Piers Anthony and Douglas Adams – My two favorite comedy/punny writers. I know this is impossible since one of them is dead, but no one ever specified there had to be a realistic chance of this happening! Xanth  and Hitchhiker’s Crossover? GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!

Okay, lets see if I can do three more…but instead of complimentary styles, ones that I’d like to see because I think they could benefit each other. 

4.) Keith Donohue and Dean Koontz – Both write spooky/creepy tales, but I think Donohue’s flair for descriptive imagery that varies and stays with you would help Koontz’ issues with getting stuck in a rut with using the same descriptions across all his books (that man loves to describe a guy ejaculating in a particular way). Whereas Koontz could help Donohue bring a more satisfying tension/cohesion to his books.

5.) Josh Malerman and Steven King – Really, I’d like to see these two team up purely for King’s benefit. King has awesome ideas, but can’t put them in anything less than a 400 page book, and goes off on side-winds, and monologues and everything else, so that you soon lose the ability to care what happens in the book. Malerman is straight to the point, constant pace and tension, doesn’t let you out until he’s done with you. King needs to be put back on track, and I think Malerman could do it.

6.)  R. L. Stine and H.P. Lovecraft – Alright, so this was actually my partner’s suggestion, because I was completely out of ideas. He suggested someone who wrote something juvenile pair with someone who did straight up serious/scary stuff. Then he promptly came up with the two authors, because I still had nothing.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Author Duos You’d LOVE to See Write a Book Together (Oct 13)

  1. Oh wow, its been awhile since I’ve seen RL Stine, that definitely a throwback to my childhood 😀 Interesting list 😀 I’ve honestly not read most of the authors on this list aside from RL Stine, but I guess its time I check some of them out!

  2. I didn’t read anything by HP Lovecraft, but I remember reading all the Goosebump series when I was younger, and I loved it. It would be really interesting to combine it with someone who does something more adult-scary! 🙂 Great list! 🙂

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