Top 5 Wednesday: My Top 5 Halloween Book Recommendations


Lainey over on Youtube (Gingerreadslainey) created Top 5 Wednesday. I like to do them when I can. This week’s topic is: Top 5 Halloween Recommendations.

Top 5 Halloween (Book) Recommendations

subclass: Zombie Novels Series

  1. Surviving the Dead by James N. Cooke – I got the first book in this series as an (excellent!) audio book, and sought out of the rest of the series soon thereafter. Not all of them are fantastic, but they’re entertaining and mostly very good. Mostly center around two characters – a rich guy and a hard-nosed ex-special ops survivalist who become unexpected friends…and then the world ends.
  2. Z-Burbia by Jake Bible – A whole suburb bands together during the zombie apocalypse. This series tells their story. Its…hard to describe, but definitely a fun read if you like zombie novels. Disclaimer: I have not read every book in this series yet.
  3. The Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant – Told from the viewpoint of a pair of (adopted) sibling bloggers, the Newsflesh Trilogy talks about the world that’s rebuilt itself after the zombie apocalypse. So you have gated communities,heaping paranoia-loaded bloodtests, laws, etc. Its very, very good.
  4. Arisen by Glynn James and Michael Fuchs – The zombie apocalypse has decimated the world. Mankind has one last stronghold against complete extinction. This is the story of the SAS team based there.  You got special ops, kick ass characters, SCARY zombies, etc. Its fantastic.  Disclaimer: I have read most, but not all, of the books in this series.
  5. Slow Burn by Bobby Adair – Fast-paced quick reads that gave me my zombie fix with an unusual protagonist. Not the most excellent of series out there, but if you need your z-fix, it fits the bill! Disclaimer: Still have a few left to read in this series.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: My Top 5 Halloween Book Recommendations

  1. I thought you’d find it difficult to choose just 5 for this topic since you read scary stuff a lot. These are good recs. I would have to agree with Jesse on his comments above about Z Burbia. This gives a high The Walking Dead vibes and I’d love to try it ;D

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