Top 5 Wednesday: Graphic Novels


Ooh, boy, this is a hard one for me. I, generally, can’t stand comic books, graphic novels, or comic strip collections. None of them do anything but give me a headache. With that being said, I have read some, and Miss L absolutely loves them. …So, we’re going to do a….


“Our” Top 5 Graphic Novels.

(Just click on the pics to be taken to the associated Goodreads pages)

Well, there you have it. Yes, I know the list begins and ends with Bad Kitty books. Honestly, its because the Bad Kitty books are the only graphic novels I can even come close to saying I enjoy reading.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a 6 year old who loves them, I flat out would happily never read another graphic novel for the rest of my life.

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