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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the booktuber, Lainey aka gingereadslainey. You can find the topics and the Goodreads page of the book meme here.

Top 5 Books that were Disappointing Eye Candy

One of my choices is probably going to cause rage, but… its the truth. I can’t even think of that particular book without wrinkling my nose in disgust. Sorry, but NOT sorry. (PS: I have a feeling I have a very different idea of eye candy than what I’ll be seeing on most of the Top 5 Posts. LOL!)

The Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse
Ooh, this was a bad, bad book. I saw the beautiful cover that promised something quirky and unique, and what I got was a pile of boring poop.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5)
It sucked. It did. I plowed through all the other Harry Potter books. I literally walked away from this one several times before I managed to finish it.
Dead Petals-An Apocalypse
Does this cover not promise awesomeness? The title, the graphics all intrigued me. What did I get? Something so disjointed and rambling I could barely read it!
Three A.M.
The blood red title. The fog. The guy you can barely see. It promises mysteries, mayhem, and murder! It looks absolutely fascinating! ……..it wasn’t. Dear god this book took me forever to finish!
Z-Minus 1
When its so cliche and over-done that I assume I’m reading a satire, only to find out that it was apparently written seriously … We have an issue.


So, there you have it. My Top 5 Disappointing Eye Candy Books. Each of these made me so bloody mad. Why waste good cover art on a bad book?  Even though these weren’t put in any particular order, Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse actually was the worst of the bunch. I wanted so badly to like that book. Z-Minus was the runner up, though. All the great reviews that book got, then to read it and …well, lets just say I don’t see how that many people truthfully gave that book the great reviews it got.

16 thoughts on “T5W: Disappointing Eye Candy

  1. Dead Petals really has an amazing cover. I would totally assume that it’s an amazing book also!
    I never read Harry Potter series. Too much hype 😀

    1. Hype can throw you, but the Harry Potter series (minus that book) was good. I’ll always love the series, if for nothing more than the fact that it revitalized reading in the younger generation. I have a review of Dead Petals up if you look on my site for it. Good god. It was like he wrote all the scenes he could think of that were cool, and decided they didn’t need to be strung together with anything else/logically.

    1. Its satire, but…but… for satire to be good, it has to be well done, and this is…not. Its painfully bad. Like ‘Oh my god, what did I get myself into…please just shoot me’ bad.

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