Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Characters I just didn’t click with


This Top 10 Tuesday prompt comes directly from Broke and Bookish.

10 characters I just didn’t click with:

1. Doc Dubois/ Dr. Harris from Seveneves
– Non-charismatic Neil deGrasse Tyson rip-off
2. Bella Swan from Twilight series
– No personality mannequin
3. Anna Christenson from 50 Shades series
– See above.
4. Wade Watts from Ready Player One
– Whiny, dramatic teenage male
5. Mike Erikson from The Fold
– I actually don’t think this is a fault of the character, as much as the REPEATEDLY being told he’s a genius with a photographic memory.
6. Sally Mitchell from Parasite series
– Mary Sue.
7. Thomas Vale from Three A.M.
– Cardboard cutout.
8. Judas Coyne from Heart-Shaped Box
– Some redeeming qualities, but its just hard to care about a retired heavy-metal rockstar.
9. Phury from Black Dagger Brotherhood series
– Too full of the self-pity feels.
10. Shadow from American Gods
– I honestly haven’t figured out why I cannot connect with this character yet.

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