Thursday Triggers: A Triggers Warning Continuation (pt 2)

I love movies with little plot and a lot of action (or gore, haha). Pretty much always have, always will, but after I lost my youngest daughter, I discovered exactly how fraught with peril even going to the movies was. The stuff that didn’t bother me before, as it was just something used to move the movie forward, bothered the heck out of me now….

This is a continuation of a previous post, in which I list trigger warnings (mostly related to child death) for various movies. This POST will contain spoilers. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE AGAINST SPOILING

Feel free to chime in with ones that bothered you.

Here are some of the ones that surprised me, and what the trigger was. (Of necessity, I will be ‘spoiling’ parts of these movies. I will keep it as vague as possible, but there can be no helping it. If your urge to avoid a spoiler is higher than your curiosity about the trigger warning, stop reading now.

This will be updated as I think of/discover them.

Listed by category in the following order: Action, Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Scifi, Drama/Misc, Fantasy


Mad Max, Fury Road (2015): Stillborn / Baby Death

My understanding is this happens about halfway through the movie, but I haven’t seen it myself. My partner reported it to me.


The Happening (2008): Child Death / Shooting

About 3/4ths of the way through, a child is killed via shooting.

Antichrist (2009)Child Death / Falling

A baby falls to its death – in slow motion.

The Gallows (2015)Hanging x 4

A few far off shots, but a few up close shots of dead bodies hanging. One scene of actual hanging taking place.


Sense 8 (2015): 1st episode – Suicide / Gunshot to the Head

Happens pretty early on. Character is finding the other characters who are special, and after its done, she commits suicide.

Drama / Misc

What to Expect (2012)Miscarriage

Blood shown, but nothing more graphic, I believe it’s about halfway through the movie.

The Other Woman (2014)Infant Death / SIDS

Scenes peppered throughout movie. Pregnancy. Baby alive and after discovered dead. Triggering phrases said to mother. (For what its worth, the friend who clued me in to the triggers on this one said its a fantastic movie. Just be prepared.)

Rabbit Hole (2010)Child death /Accidental

This is a movie about a couple losing their 4 year old child due to an accident, so needless to say, Triggers are everywhere. Proceed with caution, kleenex, and chocolate if you choose to watch it.

UP (2009)Miscarriage and/or infertility

It isn’t exactly clear, but in the scenes in the beginning, the two characters younger selves have lost a baby, or are finding out they can never have kids.

Big Hero 6 (2014)Assumed death / disappearance

Loss of adult daughter while parent watches.


Pans Labyrinth: Child Death / Shooting

A child is shot, and then the camera focuses on the face as the child smiles and then dies.