This WWWeek in Books: So, you can tell I’m sleeping more…

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I’m definitely sleeping more, because I’m not near my usual number of books read by this point.

What I’m Reading This Week




Progress: 45% | Opinion So Far: Interesting enough. Reminds me a bit of that Syfy show The Expanse. |How’d I get it? Author-given copy for review. | Format: E-book | Check me out on Goodreads. 


Night Things: Dracula versus Frankenstein



Progress: 10% | Opinion So Far: Dude, this had better be as awesome as its already shaping up to be. I will be ticked if its not! | How’d I get it? Author-given copy for review. | Format: E-book | Check me out on Goodreads.

**No progress since last week**


Swarm (Book #1)



Progress: 10% | Opinion So Far: Mehhh. | How’d I get it? Kindle Promo | Format: E-book | Check me out on Goodreads



Chewy Noh and the March of Death


Progress: 20% | Opinion So Far: Darker than the second Chewy Noh, but no opinion either way as of yet. | How’d I get it? Copy from author for review. | Format: Paperback | Check me out on Goodreads. 





What I’ve Read This Week

Saturn Run Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)

Shutter Outbreak! Plagues That Changed History


What’s Up Next?

Patient Zero: Solving the Mysteries of Deadly Epidemics The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus Carter & Lovecraft

What about you? What’s been going on in YOUR week?

17 thoughts on “This WWWeek in Books: So, you can tell I’m sleeping more…

  1. A trip into the recent past for me: Laura Anne Gilman’s first PSI novel, “Hard Magic,” published in 2010. Haven’t read the series it spun off of, so this is de novo for me. Reasonable characters, if a bit stereotyped at first, they got some room to run. The protagonist is trying to manage personal identity issues, cope with a father figure, and hold down an unusual job for the first time. In other words, business as usual for a novel. The actual novelty is that it’s a fantasy crime novel in which the investigators are charged only with coming up only with as much information about the crime as possible; they have no enforcement or judicial powers at all. Gilman doesn’t spell out all the issues this raises, but since she was clearly starting a series (which now has four books), I imagine she gets to some of them in subsequent volumes. Reasonable, but this particular book doesn’t stand out for me.

      1. Hmm, why “meh?” There’s things to like about it, but the suspense is back-loaded a bit too much, which makes the need for the sequel to resolve it (if it does) a bit too transparent.

        No, I’ve got a trilogy on deck: three books about a repeatedly reincarnating magician in Mexico and the American Southwest, written by a history professor of mine who has retired. Committed to all three, so it will be a while before a review.

        1. You just didn’t particularly sound enthused. That’s what I equate as a “meh”. 🙂 repeatedly reincarnating magician? that sounds…interesting.

          I just picked up Another by Yukito Ayatsuji.

          1. I wasn’t clear. “Why meh?” was me framing my response, not asking what it meant. My apologies.

            The amazon description of “Another” sounds interesting; I’ll await your review.

            And the series I will be reading is Gerald McFarland’s Buenaventura series beginning with “The Brujo’s Way.”

            1. Ahh, okay 🙂 Yeah, its one of those I saw at the local bookstore, but didn’t want to pay 10.00 for. Went to the library, but couldn’t get it… and was intrigued enough to go back to the bookstore tonight and buy it.

              I’m writing up a review for Creed (the rocky balbao movie) now.

  2. I totally feel you on the sleeping thing, and have been oddly restful but less read this week myself :/ The one benefit of not being able to sleep is all the amazing reading you can do… but then you feel like garbage. But if you actually do sleep- less books. Which sucks. Boo.

  3. A little less books read is a small price to pay to get some sleep at last 🙂 and you still managed to read quite some books!

  4. Sorry to hear you won’t be continuing with The Lunar Chronicles. Although, to be fair, if you didn’t enjoy Cress that much Winter could well drive you mad. And, as it’s over 800 pages long, it would take your time away from 4-5 other books you’d probably enjoy more.

    I’ve thought “meh” quite a few times when reading books. I’ve been tempted to post a review which just said that!

    Here’s my WWW: (although, as an update, I’ve started I Hunt Killer and it’s awesome).

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