This WWWeek in Books: Mid-November Check In

WWWeekinBooksIt’s time for the mid-month check in! I don’t do these every week, so most of the time the content you see is going to be all new! Check what I’ve been reading in November.

(I’ll give you a hint: Lots of Sci-Fi. And not a lot that I thought too fondly of.)

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I just started Floating Staircase yesterday, but I have to say it’s already sucked me in. Which is a good thing because I’ve had a run of meh reads lately!

I just started Good Morning, Midnight, so I can’t say much about it, but I already like the main character who is a grumpy old geezer in his 70s.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is an awesome audio book! I’m loving it!

Faller …ugh. I just DNF it. I know i should.

What Did You Finish Recently?

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The Feast of All Souls
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The Sparow
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Not going to say much about these because the reviews are all coming up soon, but even though I have technically read a couple 4* rated books in the last couple weeks, it doesn’t feel like it. Been a while since I finished a book that had truly excited me and left me revved up and wanting to know more at the end of it. I loved the kids books, at least.  At least my end of the month update should be much more pleasant because I have a feeling the books I’m reading now are going to break that streak.

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Okay, so I’m cognizant of the fact that some of these these have been on here for a while. Truth is, I’m in a reading slump, and most of them have stayed in this pile because they just haven’t appealed to me. I’m planning on powering through them soon, though!

Anyways, as pitiful as it is, there’s my Mid-November Check In / This Week in Books / WWW Wednesday.

What are YOU reading?

16 thoughts on “This WWWeek in Books: Mid-November Check In

  1. Next up is “Elements of Mind” by Walter H. Hunt, picked up after reading the blurb on the back while at the local sci-fi/fantasy bookstore. I’m suspicious of the high rating on amazon from just a handful of initial reviews. Still, I’m willing to take a chance on this because it ties into a bit of history I know.

    The book starts with Dr. James Esdaile. Although his fate is different from what’s in the book, he was indeed a real person, who ran a hospital in British India during the 1840s in which mesmerism was routinely used as an anesthetic!

      1. It was actually a common idea in the 1840s. As described in Alison Winter’s “Mesmerized,” the problem was that the doctors could not control mesmerized subjects as easily as they could those who were chemically anesthetized.

  2. I’m nearly finished with Europe in Winter, the third in the Fractured Europe sequence. I’m… not loving it as much as the first two. Each book feels more fractured than the last, and while it all serves the themes, I’m finding it harder to engage (this is partly because with all the political crap flying around I’m just a mess and struggling to concentrate – these aren’t books you can read casually and expect to keep up with; Dave Hutchinson is merciless in not giving you a free pass).

    Hopefully my copy of Jurassic Park arrives today in the post though, so I can reward myself with some comfort rereading!

    1. What did you think of the Jurassic Park book in relation to the movie? I liked the movie better. THe characters weren’t as appealing in the book. (Edited comment because I missed the “Re” in “re-reading” from your comment earlier.

      Never heard of the Fractured Europe series. This political crap is making it hard for me to concentrate too!

      1. I have, but many many years ago – long enough ago that at some point I’ve subsequently lost / given away / got rid of my copy and had to pick up another one! 🙂

        Fractured Europe (starts with Europe in Autumn) is portal fantasy written like a John Le Carre novel – near-future Europe has fallen apart into micro-states, and everyone is spying on everyone else. Only it turns out to be a lot more complicated than that (the portal fantasy element). It’s great – but it’s quite demanding. Spies don’t do handy recaps and rarely explain things apparently 😉

          1. I’d steer well clear of Fractured Europe then 🙂

            I like it in the same way I love (the movie of) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but… I may not have been in the right head space to cope with it this past week.

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