This WWWeek in Books: From Harry Potter to The Hatching

WWW is from Sam over at Taking on a World of Words, and this is also combination post as This Week in Books by Lipsyy is essentially the same thing. Covers link to Goodreads unless otherwise specified.

What I’m Currently Reading

Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase (Promotionally Priced)


Progress: 25% | Opinion So Far: Interesting. Hard to believe this is a kids book! I actually didn’t realize it was until I looked it up on Goodreads. | How’d I get it? Library | Format: e-book | Check me out on Goodreads.





Saturn Run


Progress: 55% | Opinion So Far: Well-written hard scifi with memorable characters narrated by someone with some serious voice talent. I’m in love. | How’d I get it? Library | Format: Audiobook CD | Check me out on Goodreads. 




Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter #1)



Progress: 50% | Opinion So Far: Its like visiting an old friend, except now I’m old enough to realize exactly how much Harry’s life actually sucked! First time reading it with Miss L, and she loooooooves it. | How’d I get it? Library | Format: Hardback | Check me out on Goodreads. 



The Night Circus



Progress: 20% | Opinion So Far: To be honest, I probably will DNF this one. Its just not that interesting. | How’d I get it? Library | Format: e-book | Check me out on Goodreads.




The Hatching



Progress: 60% | Opinion So Far: Gross and mildly entertaining. Really hoping the last part of the book rocks it. | How’d I get it? Netgalley ARC | Format: e-book | Check me out on Goodreads. 






What I’ve Read This Week

The Laptev Virus Animal Planet Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia Nyctophobia Ellie Goes Back To School  (The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant #3) The Thirteenth Child One Creepy Street: Annica's Broom Women Who Broke the Rules: Coretta Scott King  Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles, #1)


What’s Up Next?

Sky High  Chewy Noh and the March of Death After Oil Wave Mandate

SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1)  Bad Luck  Thirteen Chairs

14 thoughts on “This WWWeek in Books: From Harry Potter to The Hatching

  1. I can see the Night Circus not being your thing. On one hand I liked all the pretty descriptions, but on the other it didn’t quite engage me until quite close to the end. I did finish it, and overall I enjoyed it. But I tend to only recommend it to people who are really, really into whimsy.

      1. Don’t hate me if you still don’t like it lol but I thought it was so weird when I first read it and wondered why everyone loved it so much but I liked it a lot more when they started going into detail about the circus and the tents and what they contained.

  2. I remember having the same thought when I reread Harry Potter, poor boy had it rough! The Thirteenth Child sounds interesting, and although I’m a coward I love stories about viruses so I’ll check The Laptev Virus!

  3. I totally get it if you DNF The Night Circus. I think my overall comment was: very beautiful descriptions but one of the least “reader friendly” books I’ve come across!

    It’s great when you can’t believe a book is a children’s book. I always say a good book is just that – it doesn’t have to be just for one age/type of reader.

    So true about Harry’s life! It’s almost Roald Dahl awful! The kid had to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs!

    Here’s my WWW:

    1. Its a great book, but its not an action-packed one. Its very ‘based in the lab’, written by an actual microbiologist, and a realistic playing out of things. So not really an Outbreak type read, but definitely a good one.

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