This Week in Horror #8: The Exorcist, Incarnate, and More


Welcome to What’s Up in Horror #8. A sampling of horror news across the mediums. From movies to books, to real life, and any bits in between that I can think of to list.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of what’s happening, but it should whet your appetite! Some minor formatting changes done.

Movies and TV

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Movie Recommendation of the Week:


It’s hard to deny that winter is on it’s way (at least in the northern hemisphere!), so try starting December off with a movie that will bring the cold into your home. Wind Chill is a 2007 horror involving 2 college students, ride-sharing, ferocious cold and… well, you’ll see.

New Releases for December:




Trailers to Check Out: 

The Belko Experiment isn’t supposed to be released until March, and it looks like nothing more than an excuse for a gorefest. With that being said, after watching the trailer, I’m definitely a bit excited!!

Eloise is a horror/mystery/thriller about four friends that break into an asylum for certain reasons. The main reason I’m interested in it is seeing Eliza Dushku in something new. However, the trailer is well shot. It looks like it’ll be pretty typical, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.


the-exorcistI’m going to take this time to fangirl for a moment over the TV show The Exorcist. If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to. I think they did a fantastic job altogether. Even though I don’t care at all about the daughters or the actresses that play them, I love watching Gina Davis, Alfonso Herrera, and Bill Daniels do their thing. They’re excellent, and when they’re on-screen you definitely feel like you’re there watching this unfold.

(Plus, there’s something about the two male actors that make me want to go to Confession just for the thoughts they inspire. I’d say Forgive me, Father, but… y’know. )

It definitely gets much better in the last 4 episodes than in the first few, so if you gave up on it – please go back and give it another try. The second to last episode had me going WHAT?!

Featured Horror Art

Drawlloween 27- Call of C’Thursday by Darksilvania on DeviantArt

Horror Books

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New Releases

Necro Publications Pub. Date: November 25, 2016
Necro Publications
Pub. Date: November 25, 2016
Crystal Lake Pub Pub. Date: Dec 2nd, 2016
Crystal Lake Pub
Pub. Date: Dec 2nd, 2016

New to You

These books are not brand new releases, but they’re probably brand new to you (and they’ve got at least 3.75 rating on Goodreads)!

Note: Sci-Fi & Scary is not affiliated with any of these small presses or publishers. We just like giving lesser known horror books a chance to shine.

Lizbeth Gabriel Goodreads: 4.13
Lizbeth Gabriel
Goodreads: 4.13
Post Mortem Press Goodreads: 4.40
Post Mortem Press
Goodreads: 4.40
The Pigeon Hole Goodreads: 4.23
The Pigeon Hole
Goodreads: 4.23


5 thoughts on “This Week in Horror #8: The Exorcist, Incarnate, and More

  1. I remember watching Wind Chill a few years ago and it was pretty decent. You have me really excited for Eloise now. I will have to binge The Exorcist. We watched the first one and then quit, but I’m pretty sure I have them all recorded. I’m really interested in reading “Where the Dead Go to Die” and have to admit I love that cover!

  2. I read both Demons, dolls & Milkshakes and Plague of Gulls – both are great, strange stories and I am loving The Exorcist too. It has really surprised me. I wasn’t going to watch it at first because I’ve been burned by so many lame tv shows but I kept hearing how great it was and finally broke down. Now I’m hooked.

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