This Week In Books (WWW): From Quantum Brains to Eat Your Brains!

WWW is from Sam over at Taking on a World of Words, and this is also combination post as This Week in Books by Lipsyy is essentially the same thing.

Again, the top 5 for Wednesday was too hard for me to do as I so rarely walk away from a book. So, here’s your WWW/This Week in Books again! (psst: Click the book cover to be taken to the GoodReads page.)

What I’m Reading for Review:

Renaissance by Timothy Freriks

Progress: 10% | Opinion so far: I can already tell this is where Freriks will shine.

Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here by Mark Rounds

Progress:  25% | Opinion so far: Its a zombie-ish book. I’m happy.

What’s Up Next on My List (for December postings)

What I Finished this Week

Can’t wait to see everyone else’s! Feel free to leave your links in the comments 🙂

5 thoughts on “This Week In Books (WWW): From Quantum Brains to Eat Your Brains!

  1. Way to go on all the horror/thriller reads this week! I have a tolerance for horror in books, but I doubt I’d be able to get through most of these without being scared for a long time after. 😉 But a lot of these seem interesting! I hope you enjoy them.

    1. I have one too. At this point, there are a few certain things that are ingrained in me. I absolutely do NOT look in a mirror until I’ve turned the light on first. The bathroom door is always closed, even if I’m just in there to put my contacts in. I do not even try to peek out windows when the lights are on in the house, because I know there will be a mass murderer looking in, and above all, my toes MUST be covered, with blanket tucked securely under my heels before I fall asleep.

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