This Week in Books (WWW): 12/2/15

WWW is from Sam over at Taking on a World of Words, and this is also combination post as This Week in Books by Lipsyy is essentially the same thing.

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What I’m Currently Reading:

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Progress:  69% | Opinion so far: Its good. A Mission Impossible in a fantasy setting type deal. Don’t quite get the hype yet, though.

   Alice by Christina Henry


Progress: 33% | Opinion so far: Fantastic writing, but…how in the world did THIS tale from Alice in Wonderland??

The Undying by Ethan Reid


Progress: 23% | Opinion so far: Its interesting enough that I’m willing to keep reading, but I’m not “hooked” yet.

The Ables by Jeremy Scott


Progress: 24% | Opinion so far: I’m listening to this as an audiobook, and the author is narrating it. The story is great, but the author sucks as a narrator.

What I Finished This Week




What’s Up Next





7 thoughts on “This Week in Books (WWW): 12/2/15

  1. I’m liking the sound of Alice! It’s one of my all time favourites. I look forward to you review on it and I’ll see if I can hunt down your review of Zeroes if you did one? That looks like another one of those over-hyped popular books though

  2. Noted Alice. It looks like my kind of book. A lot of Alice in Wonderland retellings are downright creepy but the original novel does have that surreal vibe in it that seems to inspire disturbing adaptations. Would love to hear more of your thoughts about it and I hope you enjoy all these books!

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