This Week In Books (WWW): 11/4/15

 WWW is from Sam over at Taking on a World of Words, and this is also combination post as This Week in Books by Lipsyy is essentially the same thing.

I find it much easier to do than the weekly Top 5! So, while those happen sporadically, I hit this every week now! (psst: Click the book cover to be taken to the GoodReads page.)

What I’m Reading for Review:

(Yes, I really am reading all of these at once. Chewy Noh is with Miss L. I Came to Find a Girl is at night. Mrr is lunchbreak at work, etc.)

Chewy Noh and the Phantasm of Winter by Tim Learn

Progress: 66% | Opinion So Far: Its alright.

I Came to Find a Girl by Jaq Hazell

Progress: 60% | Opinion So Far: Frustrating, but in a good way. I’m wound tight as a board because the main character is!

Mrr by Timothy Freriks

Progress: 21% | Opinion So Far: Uhmm… haha. Its different!

Taking the Reins by Matthew Harrop

Progress: 35% | Opinion So Far: So far, so good!

What’s Up Next On My List (For November):

What I Finished This Week:

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12 Responses to This Week In Books (WWW): 11/4/15

  1. Will you do a review of Sorrow Point? That was on my reading list, but then I could never find it for some reason and ended up deleting it from my list in frustration. Is it worth reinstating and trying to find?

  2. The only book on this list that I haven’t read AND written a review for yet is Renaissance.

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  • I love Audible. Tons of books, fantastic narrators, good prices.