This Week in Books: From Fantasy to Childrens to Horror and Back Again

This Week in Books was apparently started by the bloggers over at Lipsyy. Its been a crazy week here, not that you can tell it via my list of books!

What I’m Reading for Review

Glyphbinder by T. Eric Bakutis (Author-given copy for review)

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Progress: 108/320
Opinion So Far Bakutis is a talented writer able to weave an intriguing fantasy world without overburdening you with details

Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines (Self-purchased Audio Book)

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Progress: 155/310
Opinion So Far: An interesting premise, a decent listen, but hardly enthralling

Chimera Sequence by Elliot Garber (E-galley Copy for review)

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Progress So Far: 4%

What’s Next on my List

(All are Author-Given Copies for Review. Click the Covers to be taken to the Goodreads pages)

What I Finished Reading this Week

My “side reads” this week (ie: I checked them out from the library because, well, there’s a library less than 7 minutes away from my house. Library has books. I visit library. I must get books. Thems the rules!) are: Brood, Breed, and This Book is Full of Spiders