‘The Exorcist’ Producers Got Stonewalled… Surprise?

So, for you horror fans that were living under a rock, Fox is making a TV show based off everyone’s favorite possession movie – The Exorcist. It’ll go by the same name, stars Geena Davis (Wow, been a while since I saw her in anything!), Ben Daniels, and Kurt Egyiawan. (I honestly haven’t a clue who those other two are.)  The first episode is due to air September 23rd (IMDB)

Here’s the trailer:



‘The Exorcist’ Producers Stonewalled by the Catholic Church

So according to a recent post from The Hollywood Reporter, the producers of The Exorcist tv series got stonewalled when they tried to talk to the Catholic Church about exorcisms.

Color me not surprised? I’m honestly shocked that the producers thought that they would be able to get someone from The Catholic Church to talk to them. I can just imagine how that conversation would go.

“Uhm, yeah, so, we’d like to talk to someone about consulting for our show The Exorcist. You know, another step in dramatizing and serializing demonic possession for the masses!……..Hello? ……………………..Hello?……………………………?”

Now, you’ll have to read the article for yourself to find out more, but I can’t say anything in it particularly surprised me. Up to – and including – the (executive) producers learning that exorcisms still happened. Of course they still happen, but I won’t say more as this is neither the time or place for me to go on a soapbox diatriabe about religion.

Somewhat interesting bit of trivia aside, what do you think about this serialization of The Exorcist? Are you going to watch it?

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2 Responses to ‘The Exorcist’ Producers Got Stonewalled… Surprise?

  1. I think they are lacking for original shows to have to remake The Exorcist but I will give it a try just to see what it’s like.

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